Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just Figured It Out

I just figured out what they're doing with Palin. They're using her as a substitute First Lady. "Eh, we don't need a Vice President anyway, that's just some dumb rule they put in that...uh, what's that thing, the Constitution?"

I'm watching something on DVR that's got a preview for a news appearance Palin apparently made the other day touching on the work her dad did at Ground Zero. She's touching artifacts and listening intently to one of New York's Bravest and frankly she looks great...for a First Lady. Cindy McCain, a woman who has done a lot of interesting and good things in her life, is extremely stiff and nervous in front of the public and has a style that has moved me to uncharitably refer to her as "a pointy, pointy lady." She's not bringing people into the campaign and she looks incongruous next to her elderly, rounded spouse. Palin on the other hand is polished but not brittle, she's personable even when she isn't saying anything we can understand and most of all people like her. Check out this photo I found of an early campaign stop at an ice cream parlor. Palin is reaching out to a voter, she's eating her ice cream, she's smiling openly and connecting with the people around her. Not just Cindy but both McCains are focused oinward and don't seem to even notice that there are other people present. Mrs. McCain isn't even pretending to eat some ice cream for the sake of being polite to the people who made it. We call that a "no thank you helping" where I come from.

This is why Palin's party hasn't been training her for the debate, for the press and for the job of Vice President. The feminists have been up in arms about how sexist this choice is and the not-so-feminists have been admonising us all to stop talking about her gender at all but it's so much worse than either group has said. There is one crucial difference between VP and FLOTUS and it's that FLOTUS isn't one miocardial infarction away from running this country.

How easy is it to get citizenship in Belize?


  1. ugh, don't get me started. I am very, very afraid.

  2. Let's not forget Cindy McCain stealing drugs from her own charitable foundation. That was fun. As long as the McCain camp doesn't have to talk about that. Not that Troopergate is any less embarrassing.

  3. You may have something there.

  4. Anonymous7:04 AM

    You know, I was asking the very same question as Hilary was inching her way towards the Democratic nomination, but my countries of choice would've been Australia or New Zealand.

  5. You have a point. And I'm not convinced Cindy McCain isn't still popping pills.