Thursday, September 04, 2008

Learning & Growing

Recently I had my first experience doing a photo shoot with people who requested that the images not be made public on the internet. Not a big deal, right? Right. I mean, its not, really and I do know that. I was surprised, though, by how weirded out it made me over the last week. It's because I go all Capricorn and I make myself do things in order. I can't go off and do a few of my own then go back to the client photos then back to my own or I lose my place. It takes a long time to process all the photos and post them privately (or pubicly, same time investment) 'cause I'm new at this and slow and still learning and my attention span is short. When I post things publicly, though, I get feedback pretty much right away and apparently I'm a whore for feedback. Who knew? Oh, you did? Huh, well, all right then. So two nights ago I finished the private ones (and got great feedback from the clients - THANK YOU!) so last night I worked on a few of my own that I can throw out like chum to you kindly sharks. Hmmm, that metaphor went ... somewhere, didn't it? I feel this immense sense of relief like I've been holding my breath for a week or something. Silly.

On Sunday I did a photoshoot for a pet rescue site and I'm processing those next. Get ready for some serious Cat Blogging folks. Living the dream or living the cliche, you decide.


  1. I am inordinately pleased by many of the shots you took - and I appreciate your effort to keep them private. I know that there are images of ME out there - and one or two of my children's mostly obscured faces - but I'm trying my best to keep THEM off the internet.

    I DID use one of the images as the header to my yoga blog, though - doesn't get much more public than that - and I love, Love, LOVE it! Thank you again. Now I'm off to see the rest of the set!

  2. Living the dream. Definitely. Anything that brings joy is certainly part of the dream, so eff off to all of those who claim cliche!!

  3. Just to be clear, TOTALLY your call about what of your family goes on the internet, this post was really ALL about me, promise.

    Z, you will PLOTZ over these cats, I can't wait to show them to you. They were so cool.