Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Niche Market

I'm reading this fabulous book called Lighthousekeeping. It's by Jeannette Winterson whose work I love with every fiber of my being. If you've never read anything by her I can't recommend her enough even though it's intensely odd and may be like nothing you've ever read before. It's almost poetical in its form while also being easy to breeze through and you'll never miss the emotion of it even if you don't have the intellectual capability (as I don't) to catch all the layers. Last night casting about for a bookmark I ended up with a page out of an old day planner that holds pretty much the exact opposite of Winterson's sort of work, quotes from Season 3 of Dawson's Creek.

I record here the quotes I'd felt I needed to write down. I do it mostly for ProfDoc and other DC devotees that might swing by here but you might like them too. They're sweet...mostly.

The boy I know is a deplorable student with the ethics of a Billy Goat.
- Some Teacher Who Hated Pacey

Dawson: Oh my god, look at this picture of me and little Joey Potter. God look at how beautiful she was, even then. We ahd no idea.

Pacey: We must have been deaf, dumb & blind not to notice.

He's no Casanova, he's no pushover, he's my chosen family.
- Random song lyric probably from the soundtrack probably referring to Joey & Pacey

If it came out of nowhere then how come I'm not surprised? You should ask yourself Joey, if this is really nothing then why are you so upset and so confused?
- Not sure but this must be Jen talking Joey off the ledge post roadside kiss

If you give us two minutes I'll give you ten sodas and a box of sugar. What do you say?
- Pacey to his mentee, Buzz, in order to try and get a moment alone to talk to Joey

OK, and here's one that I didn't have on this paper but it's got to be my favorite exchange from the whole series:

Pacey: See this? This is you. It's not showy or gaudy. It's simple. Elegant. Beautiful.
Joey: It's my mom's bracelet.
Pacey: I know.
Joey: How do you know?
Pacey: Well, because you told me. Six months ago. You were wearing that blue sweater with the snowflakes that you have. You were walking down the hallway at school. I was annoying you as per usual. You said, "Look, Pacey, I just found my mother's bracelet this morning, so why don't you cut me some slack?"
Joey: You remember that?
Pacey: I remember everything.

It's ok, go ahead, call me sappy. I can't disagree.


  1. sigh. I miss those days. I remember the bracelet exchange.

  2. Never watched DC...which is a crime I think since Katie's from here.

  3. Oh Zelda, was that not one of the best moments on TV?

    Snob, it actually might be and now the Scientology Police can prosecute you for it!

  4. I was cranky and you made me happy... sigh...

    If I had been that boy's teacher, I'd have been fired for the things I'd have said... Billy Goat Gruff... Grrrrr...

  5. Happy to help. A little S3DC usually smooths out the crank. It sure does for me!

    Heh, we'd have been so arrested if we were Pacey's teachers...or at the very least brought up on charges by the PTA and then have to move out of town only to come back to sell our warehouse.

  6. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Yeah, I remembered those, too. I was a big fan. Now, although I don't recall most of them, I have the Buffy Watcher guides to immortalize (at least in my house) some FANTASTIC shmaltz/angst lines. Great tv, we who love you and your writers, we salute you.
    Lovely post.