Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten What Now?

It's 10 Things Tuesday. I took a pass last week for obvious reasons but I'm trying to get back into my routine. Can't concentrate a whole lot (god, remember when 3 of my grandparents died in a 6 month period, I bet I didn't complete a sentence from November to June) so I thought I'd go random but I can't come up with 10 discrete thoughts so how about the first 10 starred items in my Google Reader? This may be embarrassing if all 10 are chapters of fan fiction but that's the way it goes.

1. These things from Design Sponge. I'm actually not entirely sure what they are or what they're for but I think I like them. Or they might make good presents. It's unclear so I couldn't let it go.

2. An entry by Jen Lemen because it contains this quote that I wanted to share with you:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are alive.”
–Howard Thurman

It occurs to me that I may have shared that quote with you before but I can't remember and it bears repeating and you should all know about Jen anyway. Go on, go away and read Jen, I won't be offended. Look at her pictures, too.

3. Today's SanDeigoMomma PROMPTuesday prompt. So behind. Wonder if I'll be able to work on one thing for just the 10 minutes required. Think it will feel good to try.

4. Third chapter of a Veronica Mars fanfic, To Her Liking, by frozenmolasses that's AU (alternate universe) and about what might have happened if Celeste Kane had divorced Jake when Lilly was a baby and then died in an explosion when Lilly was a teen from NYC.

5. The post announcing a new t-shirt from Feministing. I so do not need another t-shirt but I like the sentiment ("A woman candidate is not the same thing as a woman's candidate.") so it's starred here for me to look at and hem and haw over until I finally decide I don't care to look at it anymore and I realize I don't have enough money to be chucking away on t-shirts I don't need, no matter how right they are.

6. A recommendation from MightyGirl about a blog she likes, Nothing But Bonfires, that I'd like to check out because I've heard about it before but haven't had a chance to.

7. This truly awe inspiring political post by Leahpeah that I wanted to share with you guys. It is chock full of links and facts (facts! mercy!) and it's written completely logically and pleasantly, with passion but without an ounce of ire. It's a primer for all of us who don't read proper news nearly enough.

8. This post by Julia Sweeney of SNL fame about Sarah Palin. It does not have nearly the even-keeled tone of Leahpeah's post but it does talk about this notion that Palin brought up about not blinking. When asked if she hesitated when asked to run she said she didn't blink. She meant it like a good thing and, in some contexts, I'm sure that it is but in this one it comes across as either frightening or ridiculous, I think. You are the caretaker of not only a large family but an entire state and when asked to do a job that requires you to be pivotal in taking care of a whole dadgum country and where you have not even met your running mate before you don't take a moment of reflection. Really? I'm not sure I want you running my local deli, then, much less my country you incurious bottom feeder. "I didn't blink. I also didn't order more vanilla chocolate chip ice cream. Oops."

9. Wow, here I was afraid that my whole 10 would be fanfiction and it's turning out to be heavy on the political information. This is making me look far smarter and more engaged than I am. You would hardly guess that this weekend while King Bee was having a phone conversation about Palin with a friend I screamed, "WHY WOULD YOU VOTE FOR A WOMAN WHO HATES WOMEN!!!!!!" and stomped off in a huff. (For the record King Bee was arguing the No Palin Nohow side.) Anyway, here at number 9 we have a post by ejshea that talks about the different tax plans from the Dems and Reps. There's an easy to understand chart and everything. If you still take public transportation or clip coupons or the like then I think it's pretty clear who wants to help you out. But don't listen to me, go check it out for yourself. Be curious!

10. I'm almost afraid to go look and see what the final thing will be. I promise not to cheat. Oh. Well. It's not embarrassing but it's not super interesting either since I feel certain you've all gotten wind of it already. It's ejshea again. She's one of the many people who have pointed to the Tina Fey doing Palin on SNL video. I starred it 'cause I haven't watched it yet and want to. Perhaps today I'll get to it. (Tina, Call me! I love you!)

What do you have stockpiled?


  1. My whole brain is a stockpile. I just downloaded an online sticky note application, so I can list all the things I need/want to remember on the big yellow note and put it front and center on my desktop.

    Anyway! Tina Fey was hysterical as Palin. Hope you watch it soon. And thanks for all those links. And that quote. It's so, so true.

  2. Great stuff here! Thanks for sharing. And I second the Tina Fey skit being hysterical. It's a must-see.

  3. Anonymous2:52 PM

    For years I've had "a book by or about Howard Thurman" on my list of books to get eventually. Unfortunately, eventually hasn't happened yet.

  4. SDM, how do you do it? I have a good memory but the way links lead to links lead to links on the internet I need to bookmark and be careful.

    I watched the video and Fey was, as expected, spot on. Now if only that video could win us the election.

    I know how your book list is set up Miflohny, eventually still may come. :)