Friday, September 19, 2008

UnFloralling of a Friday

You may remember this shot from last week. I had enhanced it some but the changes don't seem to have taken and I can't be bothered to sort out why.

When I took this picture it was the first time I'd walked by since the joint was put up for sale. The people have been in the neighborhood for as long as I've been there and, from the looks of things, quite a lot longer. They are avid gardeners with lush plots all along the inside of their property line and what seems like a full balcony in the back, too. They've implemented design features that protect the plantings from errant dogs which I really appreciate. It's a gorgeous, huge townhouse and I can only begin to imagine what it'll go for.

Having my share of abandonment issues, though, all I keep thinking is "Why? They seemed so happy. What went wrong?"

I wonder if the next owners will be gardeners.


  1. I think this is a sign from the gods that you need to become a gardener. At least a few big pots.

  2. hm...maybe they're going to an even bigger townhouse? or they're moving to a farm so they can go hog wild?

    Maybe it's a good thing for them? You could ask, if you see them out there.

  3. I hope the new tenants are avid gardners, too. Once there was an old woman who lived a couple of blocks from me. Her back yard was completely encased in a living fence of many different flowering plants. It was the most gorgeous yard I had ever seen - it reminded me of my own grandmother's gardens.

    When she died, the people who moved in mowed down every plant. I was so sad, it was as if a piece of her could have been left living on this earth, but it is gone now.

  4. Oh Mrs. G, my gardening is so bad. I mean, I blame it on my super dry apartment but it's not all the apartment, I'm just kind of not attuned to plant life. There's a reason my cats scream for their supper. :)

    Kitty, I could ask. Of course I've been meaning to ask if it was their cat I took a cool pic of over a year ago and have yet to work up the nerve. I'm going to have to hurry if I want to ask before they go. Well, perhaps not hurry so much in this housing market but who knows?

    Oh Seester, you're describing my mother's worst freaking nightmare.