Friday, October 03, 2008

And So FFF Begins

It's over. My weather is over.

Yesterday was the first day that I couldn't fudge an outfit and an outlook to deny it. I wore a scarf and a velvet jacket and I was still chilly. The leaves are turning and there's no turning back. Everyone else was so relieved, so happy, calling it "perfect" weather. I was in mourning.

It's a big old circle. It'll come back around, I know.

But I miss it when it's gone.


  1. I look so forward to fall because here it is so hot for so long in the summer. We just need relief. But, I think this year, winter is coming quicker here. Just a hunch.

  2. We could use a little fall. It was 98 here yesterday...

    Beautiful photos!

  3. Kizz, I'm adding a voice to your chorus. While I really do like fall, I don't like that it represents the last of the endurable weather in our little corner of the country and that, soon, we'll be adding polarfleece and down and ridiculous numbers of layers to those jaunty scarves and pretty velvet jackets. Pretty soon, we won't be able to properly breathe outside because the air's too cold for our lungs to process. I just can't get excited about the coming of winter, and I'm sorry to say that I kind of hold fall guilty by association.

  4. I feel the same way. I'm always in mourning when I have to break out the jackets and scarves. Why can't I grow fur?

  5. My dog is shedding through this! I don't get it. It's colder, doesn't she need to keep that fur?

    I love the warm, even the super warm, it's got to be about 98 before I'll wear sandals, so this weather in the 60s is a 3 layer tragedy for me. I guess I enjoyed my skinny summer more than I thought.

  6. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Em may be growing thicker, winter fur, hence the shedding.

  7. agreed. I'm having vicious trouble with this weather. I'm either overdressed or freezing.

    Be careful. Several people I know have come down with colds!

  8. I guess I was under the impression that a winter coat was more about layering warmth over the summer coat. Guess not.

    Kitty, I know! I'm doing everything I can to keep healthy. Still almost impossible to figure out what to wear.