Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Former White House Press Secretary

Dee Dee Myers on Sarah Palin while a guest on the Craig Ferguson show a couple of nights ago.

Meyers: I like her. There are a lot of things I like about her. She has great confidence, she has great presence. I mean, I think anyone who's been on the world stage as long as she has and goes against Joe Biden in a debate that takes some...

Ferguson: You're right.

M: Yeah.

F: You're right that's true.

M: You know what, yeah.

F: You gonna vote for her?

M: I wouldn't vote for her if she was the last person on earth.


M: I support her right to be there so I can go and vote against against everything that she stands for because I disagree with her on issues. But I think it should be...we should have the debate about where she stands on the important issues of the day.

I forgot how much I like Dee Dee Myers and she was a bit of a hoot when she got up there bantering with Craig. Much fun to watch. I also liked the way she handled each question as it came and dealt with it entirely on its own merit with a clear concise answer. This is probably because nothing like that happened in any of the debates so the approach is fresh like a daisy to me now.

I know this doesn't seem like it but this is more of a plug to have you watch the Craig Ferguson show than it is to vote for a particular candidate. It's on too late for me to watch live so I DVR it and watch it in the morning. Nothing like waking up to Craig Ferguson!


  1. I was dvr'ing him at night, but got woefully behind in my viewing and got overwhelmed so I quit. I need to start again. I really really really think you would make a perfect couple! sigh. he's delish.

    and I've always loved Dee Dee. I hate that I missed that ep. thanks for the recap!!!

  2. I've always liked DeeDee. And that exchange made me giggle out loud while sitting at my desk. Now everyone is looking at me. :-)

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I can think of one thing better than waking up to Craig Ferguson; waking up WITH Craig Ferguson.


  4. I agree with Jules.

  5. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Hands off! He and his insane Scots accent, is mine.

    Loved that exchange!

  6. That's hilarious.

  7. Anonymous12:11 AM

    O'Mama, you are already married. Leave some men for the rest of us - one per customer, please! ;-)

  8. Anonymous7:26 AM

    DeeDee was always a light weight. That's why she was fired by Pres. Clinton. I think she's now in PR, so she can blah blah blah some more.

  9. heh. I haven't watched the show. Yet another thing to DVR!

    we've been recording Letterman. I hadn't seen him in so long and then recently, we started watching again. The man is so darned funny. Recently with all the political stuff, plus some pointed jabs at poor Donald's hairpiece.

    DVR Is wonderful!