Friday, October 03, 2008

Weird Stuff

I think I have topped the weird shit to eat list. Not in a gross way and not because I was trying. It just sort of happened. I was roasting some brussels sprouts before they spoiled but that didn't seem like dinner, you know? So I sprinkled some parm on but I needed a protein, I thought, a proteinier protein than cheese. I've got some turkey that's just dancing on the edge of bad news so I sniffed that and it seemed OK. So I shredded that up and mixed that in with the sprouts.

Sprouts + turkey + parm + garlic = dinner. Doesn't it always?

Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding in Queens. The happy couple has jokingly referred to it as a "destination wedding" since Manhattanites tend to think of Queens as an exotic locale to be approached with caution. I live in Brooklyn. On a map the two look close together and I look to be lucking out travel-wise vs. the Manahattan guests. Once you start looking into public transportation, though? Things get ugly. For a 2:00pm wedding Pony Express and I will leave my house at 11:45am, get on a bus, switch to a train and either take a bus or hoof it 10 or so blocks to arrive at the venue. If the HopStop estimate is correct we'll arrive about 1:15.


The distance between my house and the venue is 8 miles.

I know. If we had a tandem bike we could be there in half the time it will take us on public transportation. Plus how cool would we look on a tandem bike?

We don't have a tandem bike, though.

Too bad.

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  1. My Uncle eats peanut butter, strawberry jelly, salsa and cheese on white bread.