Saturday, October 04, 2008

What Did You Do Today?

I spent the day riding a lot of different forms of public transportation to attend the lovely wedding of two people who I think will be very happy together.

What did you do today?


  1. I walked for a cure, then raced to brunch then napped, then woke up and watched the first disc of LIFE andfell in love all over again then got up and went to a bar where a mini-class reunion met and had an interstingly fun time! home now. more damian lewis in my future.
    i frakkkin love him

  2. "Today" is "yesterday" now, but we went to Apple Harvest Day, got the girls hand prints on pottery tiles, did a little shopping, went to a wedding of two people who (I hope) will be very happy together (I don't really know them, so I can't really say), and had a decent time at the reception with the in-law family...almost all of them (only the three British men were not in attendance). Today will be more family visiting, though the dinner plan is at Newick's, which automatically leaves me out. I may write today on how I feel about that...

  3. How was the race for the cure?

    Weddings are good. Good entertainment of nothing else.

  4. the race was gets bigger here every single year. something over 18 thousand participants. i LOVE doing it!

  5. I slept in and then worked in my yard and then grilled steaks for dinner. Good day.

  6. I went to Ellis Island and did the audio tour and watched my friend in the "Bela Lugosi's Ellis Island" show.
    Then I came home and took a nap.
    Then I went to see a friend play Bottom in Midsummer.
    Then I walked two miles home in the weird weather.
    Today I have a cold.