Sunday, December 07, 2008

Average Sunday

I turned the dog's walk into a photo safari this morning much to her chagrin. She'd want to go and I'd stop. I'd want to go and she'd stop. She somehow wanted to go the opposite direction from me almost every time either of us started to go again. Plus it was cold. (Everyone who lives in the real cold zones can commence giggling now.) Hovering around freezing by the end of the walk it even started to snow. It wasn't a real snow and it wasn't the wet nearly-rain snow we had last night for our first snow of the season. This is the dry, blowing making-a-point sort of snow. "We don't really have enough moisture to actually snow but we want you to know that we can if we want to. Don't test us."

The reason I was a photo enthusiast on a day when you'd usually have to drag me off the couch with a canine-powered winch was that there's a decoration contest on Myrtle Avenue. Employees were painting on store windows and I'd seen some of the works in progress yesterday so I wanted to get some fresh shots of the finished works. This means we walked about 8 blocks on one side of Myrtle Avenue then crossed the street and walked back on the other side. Just before you get back to my house is the Skank of America branch. I was eagerly looking at every window seeing who had participated so my scrolling scrutiny of the bank went something like this:

I don't see anything.
Hey the maintenance guy is working today. Wonder what he's looking at?
ATMs are up.
Oh dear.

Some guy was passed out face down in the ATM lobby of the bank. Some woman was getting money out of the machine behind him. The maintenance guy was waiting for the paramedics.

I kept walking and debating with myself. At that point I didn't know that the paramedics had been called. Should I call? Should I go back and help? I turned around to look and watched another woman approach, stick her card in the door lock and go in. Didn't even see her hesitate over the guy laid out on the floor. At that point I decided that I know enough about people to know the look on the maintenance guy's face so something was being done. Then I decided not to do anything per se but simply to loiter and see what happened. Please do not tell Queen Bee. When I showed her this picture she grilled me repeatedly about why I hadn't gone over to check and see if the woman was OK and I had to admit that it never even occurred to me. I figured she was having a nap in the sun and if it were me I'd be pissed if someone bugged me.

Very soon there were sirens and FDNY sent in about 5 guys to do I don't know what. A minute later an ambulance with a proper stretcher and two paramedics arrived and took the guy out. I waited, honestly, because I assumed the guy was drunk and passed out or possibly a post-drinking seizure but that is the bank branch that's been robbed twice since it opened not two years ago and I wondered if the guy might be dead. So I waited long enough to see them roll him out to the ambulance in a seated position.

Just an average ordinary Sunday here in the 'hood. A nice walk, a little art, a minor emergency.


  1. So my first thought was the dude over dosed on heroin. I was yelling at you that he needed Narcan right away but you didn't hear me. I guess because of what I do I would have been in there giving him the chest "rub". Since he was sitting up when he was taken out, the chest "rub" would have gotten me a punch in the face.

  2. "Chest rub"? I don't know about that. I should probably take a First Aid course, chances are things have changed since my last one in 7th grade. I don't think he would have punched you, you would have woken him up, he was out cold. I'm sure the FDNY wake up call wasn't as nice as someone rubbing his chest. We don't get a lot of serious addicts slouching around our doorways in this neighborhood. We used to, especially in the park, but not so much anymore.

  3. My typical Sunday does not usually include minor emergencies, thank goodness.

    Watch. I've just tempted fate. Dammit.