Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Which I Write DONE A Lot

I should be doing laundry but instead I'm watching Leverage and blogging. Par for the course, no?

Anything that's a habit gets a DONE now since this is the very last check in for the 108 in 2008 (so good to have a 2 key now!). Plus anything I've got planned for doing in the next 12 hours or so also gets a DONE. Absolutely reckless, I know, but I do like to live on the edge.

As always new(ish) information is in italics.

1. Get regular vocal coaching (see also #14) [I got a phone number for a guy months ago. I still haven't called it.]
2. Record 2 more tracks for CD - I've been thinking about this a lot and might even know which couple of tracks I want to do but again I need accompaniment.
3. Night Before Christmas for fam (make a book? buy them? convince this guy to illustrate a version and help him publish it?) - I ended up buying them Lemony Snicket books instead. I think Lemony Snicket is funny and I got to have him sign a book for me once.
4. Continue Floor Barre classes - DONE, though I haven't been there so regularly this month. Planning to go on Fri, though. I actually worry that I should cut these out as a cost cutting measure but...sigh.
5. Add another hour per week of exercise (3 sessions of 20 minutes each per week)
6. Submit Chekhov or Speed Dating play to 20 places - Final tally 1 submission.
7. Book Shakespeare 10 places
8. Go on a date
9. New Year at the steam pipes - DONE (you know, in a while)
10. 2 field trips with Alita We've been to the Botanical Gardens and out to lunch and we had the most awesome Mermaid Parade experience. I'm sure we'll do more before year's end but I'm counting this DONE.
11. Post-Thanksgiving Open House DONE and had a great time doing it.
12. Find director for Chekhov - I'm changing this to find a director for the Speed Dating play, which is DONE and is working out wonderfully.
13. Reading of Chekhov - In accordance with #12 I'm changing this to a second run of the Speed Dating play in NYC. We've got a director, we're doing it in MA so this might not be too difficult. More of a reach than changing this to performing it in MA.
14. Find new vocal coach
15. Sing live - Hey, surprise, I did this. Turned out to be at a funeral but damned if I'm not giving myself this one 'cause I did it and it was hard. DONE
16. Hang pictures
18. Perform at Boerum Hill nursing home sing along
19. Lobsterbake (June) - DONE
20. Complete play for Women's Night (Feb) - DONE
21. Complete non verbal piece for Women's Night (Feb) - DONE
22. Complete admin work for Women's Night (Feb) - DONE
23. Perform Women's Night (Feb 15 & 16) - DONE
24. Polish up 3 short stories
25. 20 short story submissions
26. Go to Met Museum - DONE
27. See South Pacific - DONE
28. See Farnsworth Invention - Totally missed this. Saw August:Osage County with Zelda as substitute (two word review: awe inspiring). DONE
29. 3 activist actions that do not include the use of form e-mail (suggestions welcome) - saving Lorry and donating to Jen Lemen's friend and I donated to the Obama campaign to register voters. DONE.
30. See an opera
31. Go to MoMA - DONE, had a lovely time with a friend and walked through every square inch of the photography part which is exactly what I wanted to see.
32. Go to Frick - DONE in Jan when ChemE came to visit.
33. Fix back-up hard drive
34. Install Final Draft (script writing software) - My cousin Mike said he'd help with this. We haven't set a date yet, though.
35. Learn how to use Final Draft
36. Continue Weight Watchers eating plan - calling this DONE even though, in some respects, it's never done. You know?
37. Meet goal weight of 125 - DONE!!!!!!!!!
38. Check in on this list once per month - DONE You know, as soon as I finish this entry.
39. Re-do work files - DONE
40. Keep work files current - DONE Or as done as it's going to be since they just cut my filing space in half. I now have one filing cabinet and 7 boxes in a dingy storage room.
41. Clean out closets - I worked on this a little.
42. Set up home filing system
43. Gyn appointment
44. Dentist appointment
45. Buy scanner - DONE next year I get the cable to hook it up.
46. Scan family photos - See above re: learning to use it.
47. Auntie Blanche's birthday (98 on August 23) - DONE. Bleargh.
48. Trip to beach - Hey, this is DONE too. Took ChemE's delightfully pesty little dog for a beach run.
49. Post photos to Flickr - Calling this DONE, it's a habit and something I love.
50. Invest 1/2 savings
51. See accountant in person - DONE, and I mailed her a check for her services, too.
52. Re-work investments to maximize return
53. Sort out IRA contribution Weirdly, though I called this DONE before it's actually done now. I made a note of it on the document that outlines all the parameters of my employment and when review time came up this month I was compensated for last year's contribution and this year's. So, DONE.
54. NaBloPoMo (Nov) - DONE
55. Go to Brooklyn Museum - DONE Posting of the photos we took there is still in progress.
56. Update address book -DONE enough.
57. Make Christmas cards - DONE and I sent them all out before Christmas. This has never happened I don't think. It involved a few things that I might lay out for you in its own post.
58. Take more photos (practice makes perfect after all) - DONE
59. Learn more about how I'm taking those photos (suggestions welcome) - The ICP class was full by the time I tried to sign up for November. Perhaps Jan?
60. Read 4 classic/good-for-me books (perhaps from this list Chrome mentioned) - Orlando, Sin & Syntax, a non fiction about Mormonism and the Golden Compass series. DONE.
61. Plan 40th birthday celebration for Jan 2009 (trip? party? both? both, right?) - DONE, it all came together in a surprisingly cool fashion. Looking forward to it.
62. Research health insurance providers - DONE!
63. Change health insurance providers if appropriate - We're calling this DONE since we would have done it if we had to. And by we I mean me.....and the voices in my head.
64. Bring lunch 3 days/week - DONE
65. Get photos framed
66. Get contact lenses
67. Make out will
68. Inquire about grave plot
69. Renew passport
70. Submit for print audition (actors access?)
71. Submit for commercial audition
72. Write Aunt Rena once/month - DONE
73. Write Auntie Blanche once/month - Well, I guess we can call this DONE can't we?
74. Cook once/week (doing this is integral to being able to do #64) - DONE and I might be doing some more of it today.
75. Go to Cyclones game - Missed this this year. Just...didn't get to it.
76. Take all vacation days - Not done. I think I've got 2 that will cross over to 2009. The better to take a trip with I guess.
77. Make new cookbook pages (this may morph into making another homemade Christmas gift)
78. God's Love for Thanksgiving - DONE
79. Solve electric meter problem
80. Write on something significant (short story, play, etc.) 15 minutes/day, 5 days per week - I think I'm averaging this but I'm not writing a small amount consistently, I'm writing a larger amount with more space in between.
81. Send Christmas thank you notes - Kids, it's clear that I'm not getting this done, right? If you gave me something I'm really grateful, I promise. I got good stuff. Also, there's really no need to get me anything this year. Donate on my behalf instead.
82. Vocal warm-up 5 days/week
83. Physical warm-up 5 days/week
84. Pay extra mortgage payment - I've been paying a little extra here and there but I don't think it adds up. I'm also not in a great place cashola wise. I should still do this, though. Need to do some math.
85. Get facial - My face is sloughing off onto the wayside. I should really do this but see above re: cashola.
86. Record financial outgoings faithfully (see #96 re: Quicken) - DONE I mean, not, but I'm getting it done.
87. Get Elvis's ultrasound (May) - DONE!
88. Complete at least half of the items on this list (I'm so meta) - DONE? Won't know until I get to the end and do a tally, will we? (Yes, done, by the skin of the proverbial teeth. 3 things over the halfway mark.)
89. Actually hang up my Christmas wreath properly - DONE and it was really nice.
90. Change over to those swirly energy saver light bulbs - DONE I installed one more and it sucked and then MAB told me that they don't really help all that much and the mercury in them is not good and we should probably just cut down on energy usage and wait for LED to become more viable.
91. Host Supper Club - DONE, Not perhaps my finest hour but I had a really nice time and I hope everyone else did, too.
92. Host Brunch - DONE Wonderful. There was even a floor show!
93. Get lip biopsied - DONE
94. Wear sunscreen every day - Habit. DONE
95. 30 minutes per week home improvement (above and beyond my definition of maintenance cleaning) - Trying, weakly.
96. Learn how to set up a new "me" in Quicken DONE
97. Go to one participatory music event for the holidays - DONE I wound up going to a local caroling event right before Christmas. It was the 40th anniversary of the deal and it was glorious. I want to do it every year.
98. Finish sending out 2007 Holiday cards (I'm 2/3 done!) - This just ain't getting done.
99. Re-organize kitchen cabinets - I might do this today and yet, probably not.
100. Apply creams/lotions/oils/ungents to scar daily - DONE
101. Get new digital camera - DONE
102. Send birthday cards (preferably before the birthday) - DONE (as long as I send 2 quick e-mails today).
103. Travel once outside of "event" trips (birthdays, Christmas, lobsterbake etc.) - DONE, DC Day trip.
104. Floss thrice weekly
105. Move Music and Photos to desktop Mac - IN PROGRESS Can't call this done. It's just too complicated. Need more memory and a big back up drive and stuff like that.
106. Leap more often (as opposed to plan, plot, think, prepare ex. I just decided to produce an evening of work by my female friends and the next day I sent out an e-mail.) - DONE This is still impossible to quantify. I'm calling it done anyway.
107. Make at least 1 of the books in #60 a non-fiction (maybe the Omnivore's Dilemma, definitely not Fast Food Nation. Probably better if it's not a food book at all. I have enough trouble with food already right now.) - I read Sin & Syntax so this is DONE.
108. Finish this list. DONE!

DONE: 57 (+18)

In Progress: Doesn't matter.

This was fun. I haven't been able to work out what I'll do resolution-wise for 2009. There will be something. I need to have lists to keep me moving forward. Suggestions are welcome. What would you like to see me accomplish in 2009? I mean, really, someone has to have an idea what direction my life should go in, shouldn't they?


  1. My 108 in 2008 gets published tomorrow.

    What do *I* want to see you accomplish in 2009? I want for you whatever makes you happiest, my friend, as has always been my wish.

  2. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Wow! You got a lot accomplished! I use the task feature on my Outlook to keep things straight. Unfortunately, when things get crazy, I tend to avoid it -- just when I need it most!

  3. Chili, well that doesn't help at ALL! :)

    Dingo, I do the same thing. And I sit there KNOWING that I need to look but too afraid to do it. Mind boggling.

  4. In 2009 I think you should ride a horse, make your own wine, go to Canada, come back from Canada. Write a book for children about Toni the Toothbrush. Paint Smiley faces on your toe nails. Come up with cool art /logo for t-shirts, have said T-shirts made and sell them on the web. Eat Key Lime Pie at least once a month.

  5. I think 57% is a damn good percentage! Far better than my usual.

    Now you've inspired me.

  6. Anonymous10:48 PM

    how about I just say happy new year

  7. Who's going to make all this Key Lime Pie?

    I love to be inspirational.

  8. I volunteer to make the Key Lime Pie.

    Don't forget to get your gyn checkup in 2009. Important to do annually and when you go this year I believe your doctor will recommend you experience the joy of mammograms!

  9. Kath, keep pushing me on the gyn appointment. I've had a couple of mammos already and my next one is scheduled for the 30th. Blech.

  10. I believe your doctor will recommend you experience the joy of mammograms!