Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 Things Presidential

1. Chili is at the Inauguration. You can check her blog for updates from her coolio iPhone.

2. There are police barriers outside one of the bigger churches in my neighborhood. I assumed that they were for some sort of MLK related event but they were still stacked against the fence today. Must be for something about the Inauguration.

3. I wish I'd thought to arrange to stay home today but I didn't. I'm DVRing like much of the rest of the world.

4. It's not just the church, my neighborhood has all sorts of stuff going on to celebrate today. Discounts and drinks and broadcasts of the events.

5. I know we're not supposed to talk about this but I'm a little uneasy about today's festivities. I know he's got good security but anything can happen, right? And look what Reagan did to Carter in the last moments of the turnover so I fear what the Bush folk will do in their last hours.

6. I know that some people are afraid of the day for entirely different, even opposite, reasons. On the one hand I hope they get 8 years of terror to balance out my last 8 years but that's not a very Obama-like response. So, on the other hand I hope they are able to channel their fear into working the Obama system with the rest of us so we can all benefit. Or something.

7. I don't know if the folks in my office will tune in to the Inauguration. Very few of them are qualified to vote in the US and I'm not certain that the others threw their full weight behind the Democratic Party...if you know what I mean.

8. The only other Inauguration I remember watching is the Carter-Reagan turnover. I was in 6th grade and we were herded into a room for it. I remember braiding someone's hair. So apparently my devotion to politics started early.

9. I didn't realize the concert was last night so I missed it. Oops.

10. What are you doing today? Is it Inauguration-related?


  1. I am meeting with one client this morning then I am going to a friends to watch. I am so,so excited!!

  2. the concert was good. though HBO decided to start airing AFTER the gay bishop prayed. which sucks. "they" are rebroadcasting it somewhere in DC outside again today, with all of it. This info came from Rachel Maddow. Who I just enjoy.

    you should be able to youtube it too. the tom hanks bit was really nice. jamie foxx did a great impersonation of the pres-elect.

    today, I'm wearing my obama shirt under black sweater to stick with dress code. I dont go in till 11 because i have some banking issues to deal with. I wanted to get up and work out again this morning, but i woke up around 3:45 and didn't get back to sleep till whenever. I'll go tomorrow.

    I'm dvr'ing like a madwoman. watching Today now. what a beautiful, glorious day.

  3. We had a talk with our children about the beauty of our democratic process - peaceful turnover of gov't, and all. And, about how no matter your differences in ideology, it's in everyone's best interest for the president to be a good leader and needs our support.

  4. i'll be at work, but we're going to take time out to watch the ceremony.

  5. Staying home with the Noodle and watching it all happen! Explaining the cast of characters to her is so much fun!
    Look there is Bill! Its wonderful!

  6. The peaceful turnover part is pretty remarkable, isn't it?

  7. Anonymous5:20 PM

    My kids and I watched the whole pageantry and pomp and multitudes (while scrying vainly for Chilis) and I am PROUD to be an American. And so hopeful.