Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 More Before Deadline!

Still not satisfied with the title of the show. Still working on it. I like Next! but a lot of my close personal advisers do not. How about these? Any of these ring anybody's bell?

Ding-a-ling Destiny

Ariadne's Anguish

Six Minute Sweetheart

Triple Threat

Limited Time Love

Limited Time Offer

Limited Love

Six Minutes in Hell

A Drink, A Date, A Ding

Six Minutes


  1. Of this group, the one that jumps out at me is "A Drink, A Date, A Ding".

    It evokes the nature of the exercise well. I also like the double meaning of "ding". (Intentional?) Not just the sound of the bell, but the little dent in her soul that Ariadne gets after each encounter.

  2. I like "Six Minute Sweetheart," but I like MAB's thinking about "A Drink, A Date, A Ding," too.

  3. Here's another one in the same category.

    "Date, Rinse, Repeat"

  4. Anonymous3:03 PM

    "5 Minutes too Many"

    "6 Minute Ding!"

    "Drink, Date, Ding"

    - eva

  5. Drink, date, ding! And 5 minutes too many!

  6. I have been giving this some thought and I have decided I really like the original title.

  7. Of those, I like A Drink, A Date, A Ding.

  8. I like the original title, too, but my second choice would be Six Minutes.