Friday, February 06, 2009

FFF: Don't Google "Rosy"*

First off I just have to tell you that when I was feeding the pets a little bit ago I dropped the cap to something and stuck my stomach out lightning fast trapping it it between my tummy and the counter before it fell. My reflexes are cat-like! Sexayyyyy.

Some days are just less rosy than others. You know? Nothing especially horrible or even truly frustrating happened but a bunch of stuff happened that was just bleargh. For instance much of my useful vocabulary has deserted me for the time being. I blame it on the PMS.

First the water wouldn't get hot for my shower. Not a tragedy, it was warm at least, just not great. Then I went to class and the elevator was broken. It's a 3 flight walk, not so many steps. It also necessitates the propping open of the fire doors so people can walk up, though. Got upstairs, signed in for class as normal, read a sign about the elevator and how long it would be out. No sign about how there was no heat in the building. That became apparent later. It was made infinitely more delightful by the aforementioned slightly propped fire doors to the outside world. So class was cold. I wore as many extra clothes as I could (ballet in a scarf and mittens, it's like the Nutcracker but way more boring) but that resulted in a weird thing where my legs, hands, feet and nose were cold but my torso was hot. Eh, whatever, class fine, learned something, go me. Bought myself a sandwich and went to the coffee shop for hot chocolate and writing. After the sandwich and as I started the writing? Nosebleed. Can't write when you're bleeding on the paper. Went to the movies. My friends never showed. I called right before the movie started, it was an illness, what can you do? Sorry not to see them but I don't mind going to the movies alone and I rarely allow myself to do it so I went ahead and saw Last Chance Harvey. Not a great movie but 2 hours of Emma Thompson being marvelous as usual is a pretty good 2 hours. It's also recommended at least as a rental to anyone who has a hand in a wedding where the bride and/or groom contend with more than 2 parents. Off to buy a computer cord, stopped at a random Gap and wandered around in there bumping into walls and finally spending $40 on 3 shirts when I really ought to be buying pants if I'm buying anything. Computer store informed me that my personal tech support is incorrect which is un-freaking-heard of. Seriously, I've never known him to be wrong about this stuff because not only is he smart he does in-depth research. FYI, Best Buy informs me that no one but Apple actually retails power cords for my sort of laptop. So, fuck, but it put me near a store with a yummy thing I wanted so I got that for dinner. By the way? Still cold, especially in the extremities. Read my book (awesome!), missed the bus, able to buy a drink, got on the next bus and even got a seat. Came home and my next ring from the ring of the month club and it's glorious! Had to walk the dog and wanted to shorten the walk but she was insistent so we went to the park. Physically I was miserable but I got to meet this fabulous puppy, Rocket. He's 6 months old and some dumbass tied him to a tree in the park and walked away from him. Fortunately some anti-dumbasses sat with him and finally took him in.

I'm home now, I'm pretty warm, possibly even hot. My legs feel as though all the joints have been yanked forcibly apart by about half an inch. That's actually how they're supposed to feel if you've done the floor barre right but it's not a yanking, painful feeling if you do it with gently warmed muscles. So, you see, I couldn't even call the day unsuccessful just...oh you know, bleargh. Right?

How was your day?

*Turns out a rosy is a type of snake so a google search is...unsavory.
**For the record I took that picture at a flower display outside the grocery store under my dance class almost a year ago.


  1. I will inform the tech support so he can update his information files. I'm just as surprised as you are that he was wrong about that...

  2. You said it: A bleargh day. I'm sorry. I have a feeling that's going to be my day today. I'm hoping it's better in your world.

  3. hmph!
    it's amazing how some days some things work out and other days they don't. You can't help but think that there's a conspiracy or something out there.

    good for you for dancing!