Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Things All Around

I have never seen this guy before. He's mobile (check out the castors on his rig) and he's got plenty of power (generator is out of sight behind the keyboard) and he's lovely. He was playing some standards and singing along occasionally and I could have stood there for hours. I settled for a few stolen minutes and putting a dollar in the tip jar so hopefully he'll come back soon.

Thanks to MAB for letting me snap the shot with his gear.


  1. I love your city!

  2. 3rd Avenue, a block or so below 42nd Street.

    I love NY too.

  3. I've decided that a guy with a piano on wheels is exactly what I need to make my day nicer.

    Hmm....Mr. Snob plays and we have a wonderful piano that does actually have wee little wheels to move it about the house. ....I think he needs to go mobile.