Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Question

For a largish segment of the readership this question will seem ridiculous or even incomprehensible. For certain of you, though, you will understand. You will, perhaps, wonder why I didn't ask sooner.

Been practicing your acceptance speech?


  1. No, but I have been choosing my dress.

  2. It's the whole, "trying to be humble" thing that continues to trip me up.

  3. Ummm...
    Can I just tell you that Kate Winslet stole my speech? Yes, I have been practicing my speech for years...holding a perfume my speech starts out about practicing my speech for years blah blah Oscar/Avon joke...
    And then Kate Winslet with the shampoo bottle line. Curses.
    Seriously, my jaw dropped and I turned to Matt and said, "That was my speech."

  4. Since I am not an actor... I just have to look pretty and put my hands together! But I can't wait to see all of you up there fondling the bald guy!

  5. I'd have to shave--a lot--to fit into my little black number. I look [snap snap] in it, though!

  6. I have no idea what I'd wear. None. I can only hope if the need arises someone will take pity and steer me in a Winsletty rather than a Swintony direction.

    The speech, though, I've got a million of them. I love to craft them. I didn't think there were any standout speeches last night but still fun to listen to.