Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You Might Get More Than One

I'm giving you 10 more things from my starred file, just because. If I think of a more original/inspired/ridiculous list topic you might get another 10 things before Cinderella has to leave the ball tonight.

1. (Wow, I had to scroll down a long time before I got to something I wanted to share. I might be saving way too much fanfiction....nah, that's not possible.) Here's my latest fave Dear Old Love and it doesn't even have anything to do with butt sex this time.

2. Jen Lemen has a guest blogger, Myriam, posting for her while she nurses some of her creative impulses. Myriam wrote this post about how fighting love is foolish. I hate to be called foolish but I liked what she had to say.

3. Matt over at Child's Play x2 is hosting an auction to benefit his day job, a YMCA in an underserved area of CA. I had donated some things but I think I didn't give him all the right info to include my donations. I'll have to go back and see if I can rectify it before the auction is done. In the mean time check out all the cool stuff people have up for bids!

4. Via Schmutzie I found this hilarious LOLcats-adjacent site, FUCK YEAH NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. Like LOLcats not every entry is a home run but I still highly recommend donning one's Depends before clicking.

5. I am just getting into Facebook. I still don't really understand it but I do love playing the Scrabble. However, Time Magazine informs me that my willingness to learn about it is probably a sign of advanced age. Via candlewaxdreams.

6. My friend Noah wrote about this fabulous poster encouraging us to continue to work on the AIDS "problem" (pandemic anyone?) in Africa. As the poster says, AIDS is fucking Africa.

7. I'm somehow nervous, outraged, and crushed over the loss of TV shows and films being shot in New York. (Thanks to Filming in Brooklyn for the link.) It has to do with a decrease in tax incentives and financially it makes no sense. I think it might have to do with the layperson's assumptions about artists being given a "free ride" but the fact is that the money that's lost in tax breaks is more than made up for in the amount of money spent in salaries and purchasing of goods and services for these productions. It won't be big, famous actors who are out of work when they leave it'll be technicians, extras, chefs, deli-owners, drivers and other more ordinary citizens. Plus the city is losing Joshua Jackson and that's unconscionable!

8. Speaking of New York, General Greene taught me some things about subway turnstiles that I did not know.

9. I get really angry at assumptions about people on welfare. While I'm sure the mythical Welfare Queen exists I honestly don't believe that she is in the majority. I don't feel, though, that I have enough knowledge to really bust out on people who are so anti-helping people out via government. That means, of course, that I'm on the lookout for knowledge since my pot will probably boil over anyway and I'd like to have some substance to spew when the inevitable occurs. Feministing provides a really interesting history lesson about the welfare system. It seems that it was originally designed to prop up the very people who would now like to eliminate it. And some people say our society hasn't come very far.

10. Let's end on something pretty, shall we? Look at these cool papercuts. I wish I could afford one for my walls. Better to pay the mortgage and keep the walls, though. (OK, actually there's one I quite like for $32 not including framing, so I might could splurge at some point.)


  1. So, does my unwillingness to figure out facebook show my unadvanced age? Or just that I don't give a shit?

  2. I can't stop thinking about how much I want an old turstile for my apartment.

  3. Like maybe as an entrance into my bedroom.
    $2 please.
    $2 please.
    $2 please.

    I'll marry the first guy that buys a monthly.

  4. Auntie, I think the really young ones just know this stuff instinctively, there's hardly any figuring out for them to do.

    Well Chrome, according to that link these things come up for renewal about every two years, even in a slow station like the G train one so I think you just need to stake out a station and you can have whatever you want. I for sure don't know how to choose a husband, I think your way sounds pretty smart. :)

  5. Thank you for bringing up the Neil Patrick Harris site again. Off I go...