Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 Things St. Padraig's Day

1. Altered flora given to me by an Irish co-worker to dress up the joint for this week.

2. The big parade happens mere blocks from my office.

3. I am armed with my camera for photo ops on the periphery.

4. I plan to stay as far away from the actual parade as possible. That shit is for the birds. (And people who like parades, which I do but not crowds so...)

5. One way to enjoy a parade but avoid a crowd is to be in the parade. I marched in the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade once. It rained. A lot.

6. The title of this post is for everyone who is so royally worked up about St. PaTTy being wrong and St. PaDDy being right. If we were actually honoring St. Padraig and not St. Guinness and St. Flatulence we would be in church, not having a parade. Might be time to get over the spelling errors.

7. I fervently hope to avoid all contact with puke, puking and the people who puke.

8. I am so out of touch with this holiday that on Sunday when my mother said, "We bought cabbage for Tuesday!" I said, "What's happening on Tuesday?" Whoops.

9. My mom's dad's birthday was St. Patrick's day. His parents both came to America on boats from the homeland. Scotland, of course, being their homeland.

10. I'm wearing no green at all. Not a speck. Perhaps I should go out and buy some green undies...or socks, probably socks would be more appropriate.


  1. I always think, "If I could become anything for one day, it would be an Irishman."


    Unless the Irishman had SUPER POWERS.

  2. Ten years ago today, I had green carnations on my cafeteria tray from hospital food service, and everyone thought we'd given Beanie her name because of the day (nope - she'd have been Beanie Kyleigh if she'd been born on the third of August, but whatever).


    The other day, Punkin' made some off the wall comment about cabbage, and asked why we never have it. "If you've ever had it, you'd understand," I told her. "Think smelly sock soup." "Oh...."

    Happy day!

  3. Totally forgot about St. Patrick's day this morning and went to work wearing red. Oh well. I stopped off for a Harp at a pub, though.

  4. I forgot to wear green, but did have a whiskey. Keeping good company with G. In spirit, anyway.

  5. Anonymous11:02 PM

    A year or so ago a friend of mine sent me a happy St. Patrick's Day e-mail which was basically a list of jokes about stupid drunk irishmen. It's not that I do much for the holiday, but I am half Irish ... How do you even respond to something like that .... Gee, thanks for honoring me with your bigotry?