Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Holding On

I'm urging myself to write for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. So far it's going OK. Today I did another PROMPTuesday, #32. And I may do another before I head out to dinner.


He held it over her. She held her tongue.

He held her. She held herself still.

They held the knowledge close and tight. To let it go would be disastrous. To let it go would be a dissolving of the glue that held them together.

Should they even be together?

Should she even think that?

Her body held the defiance she couldn’t, or is it wouldn’t, express. Can’t. She can’t. She is incapable. They cannot. Which, really, is only true if they are one. If he were to let go, to spin off, to release his hold on her then he could.

Yes I can.

She can’t.

She wants to.

Or does she?

She holds that knowledge far, far away from him. To tell him is unthinkable. To tell herself is only barely possible.

It is possible, though, that she simply doesn’t want to. She is not like others. She does not want to hold on to another human being at the expense of every other part of her until that being forces her to let go.

It can’t be the loss of control that bothers her. She’s letting him determine how long they hold on now. She’s always let him, all the other hims, determine her beginning, middle and end so to let another small him (or her, but probably not, definitely not, not for her) force her to hold on and insist on being let go isn’t so big a stretch.

And yet…

She can’t.


  1. And then what happened??????

  2. The process can lead to goodies. Great that your setting aside the time to do it!

  3. I don't know what happened next I only had 250 words and 10 minutes! :) I don't know for sure but I'm willing to bet that in the next few paras she holds a baby and it's very cool but it doesn't change her mind.