Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Linkety Linky Loo

I feel the need to continue through my starred file sharing things. My brain is on spin cycle. I've been working on an application for a grant and the questions are really deep and difficult. The answering of them is making my heart go pitty-pat-pitty-what-the-fucking-fuck! As a result? Links. Links are soothing.

1. Orange County, CA works again to prove that California isn't all as crunchy, granola, liberal as you think it is.

2. I wanted to write a post about this Feministing article that poses the question, "Does blogging change minds?" but I cannot formulate questions much less craft answers so I think it's better to let you do the reading and maybe we can talk about our answers here. Do you think blogging can change minds? I have insufficient anecdotal evidence to support my pessimistic claims.

3. Clemo says, "I have a hope. It's wrestling with despair." Amen, brother. In this case he's talking politics but it could apply elsewhere. He also coins the term, KarlRovian. Please to click on that link to see the definition.

4. Back when I took my first women's studies course the quickest growing group of people infected with HIV/AIDS was women in the 18-24 year old demographic. Recent information indicates that not much has changed. Kids, we're fucking failing at this public health thing but in no place more garishly than in the sexual health of our young women. Of course, if these women can't be trusted to gain knowledge and make decisions for themselves then they're disposable anyway and I guess it doesn't matter if we keep them alive.

5. Here's a Dear Old Love classic.

6. You don't hear enough good pit bull stories so you better go read this one and store it up for replay as needed. It just goes to prove that these controversial dogs are, as advertised, intensely loyal & loving to their humans and much more intelligent than we tend to give them credit for.

7. Probably Staten Island gets more ribbing than it deserves. However when members of the borough's government combine the unapologetic racism of centuries past with the technology of today I feel like it deserves all the stereotyping we can muster.

8. Hey, if you want to come visit New York and you want to stay in a hotel there are price cuts happening all over. Combine that with the special deals on restaurants happening right now (and rumored to be continuing indefinitely) and you could have a fairly glamorous sojourn for fewer sheckles than you might think.

9. Does anyone know if there's an RSS Feed for the entire Women's Colony instead of doing the individual feeds for each section? I've been out of the loop, not wanting to add 4 feeds to my daily gluttony, but I miss Mrs. G.

10. I moved to New York well past the Swinging Seventies. Heck it was so far into the 80s that the bath houses had already closed. So the fact that there's a sex club in Brooklyn is really intriguing to me. Do I have the guts to check it out in person? Only time will tell.


  1. I haven't figured out the Women's Colony feed yet either.

    If you check out the sex club, you better be posting some good story morsels here!

  2. I'm contemplating a visit to you and your fine city in April (it's been far too long since I've come to YOU). While I wasn't planning on taking any hotels up on their price cuts (I'd MUCH rather stay with you), I'm happy to hear that we can eat for cheap!

  3. It is absolutely impossible to rib Staten Island more than it deserves. People like that chucklehead are everywhere. Pile on.

    Is Chili's visit inspired by #10? Hmm. Girls' night out. REALLY cheap.