Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Links Like Sausage

1. This is one in the long list of New Yorkers I love and about how I love that people are creative when trying to be kind. There's a local drycleaner offering free drycleaning to anyone unemployed and prepping for a job interview. Yes, he knows some people might scam him, he's got a good philosophy about that.

2. Feministing brings out yet another reason to love Neil Gaiman. Like I needed another reason.

3. I've been thinking a lot about the state of education in America. I'm always thinking about it. Aaryn Belfer is in California so she's getting a front row seat to the first act of the Depression and she's writing about education. Also drugs. She might be on to something.

4. If you don't know how I feel about being Pro Choice then you must be new here. (Hi! Welcome! Please comment.) Feministing recently highlighted an article by a woman who has both had an abortion and offered a child for adoption. What she has to say about the ramifications of each choice may surprise you. Then again it may not but I still think you'll be glad you read about it.

5. A bill, the REAL Act, has recently been introduced to Congress. It promotes Federally funded, comprehensive, medically accurate sex education. I think it's pretty neat. Not to fall back on jokes that are done to death but abstinence doesn't work, just as the Palins.

6. I know that Whole Foods is expensive and trendy but I like their food and up until last week really liked them. Apparently some guy got fired for setting aside a sandwich for his dinner. This was a sandwich that otherwise would have gone to a landfill. The article addresses his firing. I'd like to address the fact that a nationwide corporation that claims to be more green, more environmentally and socially conscious than any of their counterparts is throwing edibles in a landfill rather than participating in programs like City Harvest. Apparently Whole Foods is nationwide in the revered Republic of Dumbass.

7. The Queens Museum of Art wants to update its scale model of NYC and one can adopt one's dwelling! I think this is ridiculous and I totally want to adopt my apartment.

8. For all my Oklahoma folks, do you know what's going on in your fine state over a school production of The Laramie Project? Not so good.

9. I don't know how I feel about states and cities who fight prostitution by publishing the names and faces of johns. Is our justice system so perfect that we can afford to do something so irretrievable? Given the sort of ostracism these guys will fight after exposure it has all the same problems as the death penalty just without the same drugs.

10. Organized religion often gives me the heebie jeebies but even I can understand the desire for the sense of community many churches offer. I am all about community, even when I'm not all about people. So this story about some local nuns made me cry and made me want to kick the Catholic Church in the nuts.


  1. It's just a liiiitle freaky how many of these articles I've read recently, and how the impressions they left on me still linger. Good list, Baby.

  2. How many of the articles on this list you've read or how many articles you've read about one of these subjects?

  3. Very good list.
    Oklahoma doesn't even like to be close to the line and when it comes to what they are teaching our kids... bring out the hoods and burning crosses. The roots are still buried so deep here. But thank you for letting me know... I will print it off for my teachers.
    Whole Foods, I was thinking of working there.... damn.

  4. I hope the Whole Foods thing is an anomaly (i.e. one manager's assholery) and not general company policy. Although I agree about City Harvest. It's a great organization and I hope that Whole Foods considers using them.