Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PROMPT Wednesday #35

I thought if I could eke out a little break time each day and do one PROMPTuesday I might get caught up soon. Here's number 35, in which we're asked to tell a secret.

I just wrote about how I ate spoiled vegetables. On purpose! That’s the sort of thing one ought to keep secret, isn’t it? I’ve told the blogosphere about my obsession with bullfighting. Again, in the hush up category. Most if not all of you know that I’ve committed adultery. Crap on a wheat thin, why don’t I shut up about that?! I have not, to date, peed myself in public, that’s usually a goodie. But no. You already know that I blog from work and you can’t rat me out because you do too! It’s no secret at all that I have a bit of a soft spot for the snaggle toothed talent god. (Tim Roth, Denis Leary I’m looking at you. And you look good together. What are you doing on Saturday night? Both of you!) I’ve told you about some of my sex toys so telling you about another one wouldn’t be titillating, would it? Let me know if it would ‘cause I’m always looking for content. How about this: I once committed a Lewinsky-approved sex act in a public stairwell and, not to toot my own horn (insert your own joke here) but I was in form so top that the guy’s knees actually buckled. OK, it’s not a good secret if you’re bragging. I don’t think that counts and I’m close to my word limit and my time’s almost up! ACK!

I’m still afraid of the dark. Like really afraid of it. It’s not a well-kept secret but I do downplay the severity. I’ve slept with a light on for a few months now because even the ambient streetlight in my big city isn’t enough to keep the monsters at bay.


  1. I think Mr. Chili would like us to have a conversation about buckling knees...

    I did not know you were afraid of the dark. I used to be, but a LOT of that changed after I left my biologicals' environment. Now, I love the dark, especially when I'm in my own house. There's something warm and primal about knowing a space so intimately that one can navigate it in the pitch of night.

  2. Was there a Clinton-approved cigar involved?

  3. I'll have that conversation if you like...

    I will never be that comfortable in a place. Anything can happen. My imagination is a terrible thing.

    Oh no, no cigar. Cigars are dirty and wrong. :)

  4. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Until you find the safety that mrs.chili has, keep the lights on. You'll find safety in your own house.

    Hope that works. The local e-phone warned us today of two women having been subjects to possible kidnapping. Big doings in a town with one stop light. This town is so small that we all got a phone message with description, vehicle ID, all of that. Yeah, we'll pay more attention. Small town, some problems, big town, big problems.

    Do you have to live in NYC? Couldn't Northampton, MA fill your bill? You'd be closer to the Chili gang and there are a lot of art options here. We aren't NYC but we aren't so far away.

  5. Knee buckling earns a high approval rating from these parts. Especially in a stairwell!