Sunday, March 01, 2009

T. I. R. D.

(Not a typo, it's something my mom used to say. She probably got it from her dad.)

Is anyone else just as tired as can be? I think it's just the relentlessness of this last spurt of winter. I've been unable to keep my eyes open all last week. Long about 9pm it just seems like too much effort but I can't walk the dog so early so I close my eyes for just a moment and it's almost midnight! So I walk the dog and go to bed and sleep soundly until 6 or 6:30. On Friday night a friend came by to order Indian food and just watch some random TV. We had one small drink, ate our yummy food and both fell smack asleep on our respective couches. Resurfacing happened just before midnight and it took a full half hour to pry ourselves off the upholstery and force ourselves out into the open. I slept until almost 9 on Saturday morning.

Clearly, recounting one's sleep patterns is second only to recounting one's dreams on the list of things that no one wants to hear about. I'm just wondering, though, is it just us? Is it something to do with the light patterns up here? Or the barometric pressure? The economic meltdown? Can I blame it on my new found dieting zealotry?

So tell me, how are you sleeping these days?


  1. Like shit Kizz. And I never have trouble sleeping.
    I am exhausted.

  2. Anonymous1:36 AM

    I seem to be sleeping all the time. My sleep patterns are so off. Sleep all day, up until 3 or 4. Sleep for an hour or two and then get ready for work. It's so frustrating.

  3. Not good. Last week was tough but I think it was because of PMS. I am hoping for a better week.

  4. I had trouble sleeping not long ago--short stints with weird dreams. I posted about them, thinking that it was just the universe telling me something. That's also true, but I'm sensing that's not all that's going on.

    I'm still not sleeping as long or as well I should, and lots of other things are, well, out of whack. I'm glad (and sorry) that I'm not the only one.

  5. I've been nearly unable to stay awake for several days this week. This morning, I was working on something at my desk, and I so wanted to just put my head down and snooze!