Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Good Things

A year ago today Joe the Barber died. Two years ago yesterday (or was it three?) mom's old man friend, Jake, died. Just over half a year ago Auntie Blanche took off for parts unknown. In January I let Mrs. X's passiversary well, pass, without note. OK, without note here on the internet, trust me, it was noted. Grandmother Biddy's 8th year away will come on May 8th, a red letter day of sorts.

Joe sent us a beautiful day today. So I thought it'd be a good Tuesday to do 10 Good Things about some of those people.

1. Joe and my mom and another neighbor used to have "tomato races" to see who could get the first ripe tomato of the season. The subterfuge involved is the stuff of legend.

2. Jake made pot roast that I sometimes still dream about. The guy would once in a great while have one solitary 7 & 7 but he'd deglaze the pot roast pan with PLENTY of sherry. Even Martha Stewart would vouch for this good thing.

3. Auntie Blanche used to bring roses to all the senior citizens in her home town on Christmas Eve.

4. Mrs. X had a really specific laugh for when she was being snarky. She could be Mistress of the Snark, which was very cool.

5. My grandfather, Robbie, (8 years as of Nov. 9th) was revamping a school project at the time of his death. He'd been invited to a local high school to be a sort of "Back in My Day" show and tell item and he felt he hadn't handled it perfectly so he was going to do it right the next year.

6. Mrs. X instituted "Homemade & Heifer" for our Christmas exchanges. Heifer stood for Heifer International but we expanded the definition to include any charity. We give a lot to the Lung Cancer folks now.

7. The gift we gave Auntie Blanche that she liked the most was a donation in her name to Habitat for Humanity. All my life she lived in a rented apartment.

8. After 9/11 Joe worried about me being prepared for another disaster and about how long my walk home was. After the blackout in 2003 he said, "It's not fair. She had to walk home twice!"

9. Robbie & Biddy's house smelled a particular way. It was sort of cool and earthy and delicious. It still exists very faintly on a coat of his that I have. I haven't worn it much because I didn't want to destroy the smell.

10. Joe used to go to the Bee's house to take the dog for a ride just because she liked it.

Do me a favor and enjoy the hell out of this day, willya? Thanks. I knew I could count on you.


  1. Sigh. I wish I had something even remotely meaningful to say.

    Morgan over at stumblesurvivesmile.wordpress.com is having a bit of a day, too.

  2. I will do my best to enjoy the hell out of this entire week, in honor of everyone. Monday was my dad's 10th "passiversary" and it felt good to write about it.

    It's nice to see that you have such great memories of the special people in your life. They are all relatively small things that make a lasting impression.

  3. These were lovely. Thanks for sharing.