Thursday, April 02, 2009

Knock Three Times

1. This morning I clocked a 1lb weight loss for the week which puts me at 129 again which is officially in the comfort zone. I'm going to keep going back to my original goal of 125 but in the 120s is a place I feel good about.

2. I watched The Bunker last night. It's a 1981 TV movie about the last 105 days of the Third Reich when Hitler moved everyone into, well, the Bunker. I have a logistical question. If the history on the movie is correct and Hitler had tested the cyanide capsules to prove them workable then why did he also shoot himself? Especially since he left Eva Braun to expire on her own with her capsule.

3. If I can hear the music from your apartment in my apartment then your music is too loud. Especially if your apartment is not adjacent to mine and it is before 8:00am.

And one little extra tidbit. I love Joe "It's not's personal" Dubois.


  1. For as much as (I think) I know about WWII, I have NO good concept about the end of the war. I can tell you a lot about the restructuring of Germany and the Nuremberg trials, but I know next to nothing about Hitler's end. I know people who do, though, if you really want to know.

    I, too, am deeply in love with Joe. He reminds me A LOT of Mr. Chili.

  2. My opinion, which is not backed by any historical fact, would be that he felt, at last, that poisoning himself would have been cowardly; that poison is traditionally the weapon of the female of the species (see Borgia), and that the gun was more manly.

  3. Well done on the 120's sister! You rock! I'm totally ignoring it until after the show is over then BAM. serious again...doesn't make much sense that way but oh well! I'm courtney love. I dont have to!

  4. That quote is from this Monday's ep which I think you will enjoy.

    To clarify, if the movie gets it right, he takes the cyanide AND shoots himself. That's why I got confused.

  5. Belt and suspenders.

  6. I love you and your mind.

  7. Mediaguy4:03 PM

    Hitler consulted Dr. Werner Haase, who recommended a shot to the temple in addition to the cyanide to ensure death. Hitler did not want to be revived by his loyal followers or the Russians. Joachim Fest's "Inside Hitler's Bunker" suggests that a third person shot him before surviving witnesses accessed the chamber. Generally, historians agree that Haase recommended a shot to the temple. With the large number of suicides in Berlin, the difficulty in obtaining supplies under Russian fire, the quality of SS cyanide was in question.

    Besides in "The Bunker" Haase's meeting with Hitler was portrayed in "Downfall" ("Der Untergang") in 2004. It's a much longer, better movie than the one you saw.

    Neither movie gets as realistically dark as the actual Battle of Berlin, which ended in one of the largest mass rapes in history after the surrender.

    Gee, I'm kind of downer today, so I'll end here...Have a great weekend...