Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not 10, 15

My cousin, the writer (said with love), was waterboarded as part of his job...as a writer. The link to this glorious wackitude is sort of safe for work, except that it's on Playboy's web site which may be blocked where you are. I clicked over and, except for the Playboy logo, didn't find anything that might offend delicate sensibilities. You know, unless you count a video of someone enduring (probably) unethical interrogation techniques offensive.*

My cousin is nuts. And I love him for it.**

*I haven't watched the whole video yet. As you know I work in an open plan office and I feared being found out would increase my street cred in this joint beyond manageable levels.

**He hasn't told his mom about this yet so don't spoil the surprise, OK?

1 comment:

  1. finally hooked back up here on the Plains. canna wait to watch.
    i miss you! going back to read what I've missed out on!