Monday, April 27, 2009

There's Always Something

Today there was a simulated terrorist attack on lower Manhattan. On purpose by a government agency. Seriously. A group of people got together and decided they wanted photos of a large passenger plane being escorted past the Statue of Liberty by two F-16s. I can't see why you have to do that instead of just photoshopping it together for about a billion fewer taxpayer dollars but if you hafta you hafta. However, you decided to alert the proper authorities in both New York and New Jersey and specifically order them not to tell the general public. Let's get this straight, a person or persons living in DC, a city that just seven and a half short years ago had someone fly a big plane into it and kill a bunch of people, ordered a simulation of that event to go unannounced in the only other city in the US to have had the pleasure of that particular rhumba on their dance card. Not only that but no one in any of the contacted agencies in New York or New Jersey thought this was a bad enough idea that they should speak up. Panic ensued, buildings were evacuated and therapists will certainly be called in for special sessions. If I had witnessed it in person you can bet your bottom dollar that I'd be hitching a ride down to DC right this ding dang moment to have a word with someone. I'd start with that dude from Harold & Kumar go to White Castle and work my way up to the big guns, Mrs. Obama, until someone gave me the appropriate heads-will-roll response.

But I didn't see it in person so my panic is all second hand. Still and all I stuck my nose in a book for my walk home. My book, she is good, and my brain, she needs distraction. I looked up when I heard the helicopters, though, which is when I saw the smoke. Big billowing swaths of black smoke coming from somewhere in the vicinity of Kath & Alex's house. Three helicopters, fire trucks still on the way to the scene and yet, when I got home I could find nothing on the news. Still haven't been able to.

I'm not much of a disaster stalker but I thougth I'd just take my dog walk toward the action so I could see where the point of origin was, just to make me feel better. There have been too many gas leak explosions and the like lately, I needed to feel sure of the location. Except that 3 blocks into the search I ran into a huge union protest rally at the local art college and that turned out to be plenty of excitement for me. Apparently the institute's president is doing some union busting against the carpenters' local. Very bad mojo in this serious union town. Probably 300 guys came from their regular jobs to rally before they went home for supper and a rest. They've been quietly protesting in small groups for months now but apparently they went unheard so they've pulled out the big guns.

I'd like a little something low stress, high reward from this day, please. Let's brain storm on people for Auntie's Birthday Hot People. Does someone have her girl's e-mail? Maybe the Girl will have some good suggestions. It's hard for me to pin down that which Auntie looks for in a girl so I need all the help I can get. Her birthday is on Saturday, please leave suggestions all week. Variety is, as they say, the spice of life.


  1. Laurie B9:26 PM

    Hey how about tickets to a Red Sox game, a meal in town, T passes and limo service to a remote parking area? I'm in. I don't know much about B and B's in the area, that might be an option.

    I'm in. and liking that Auntie gets to be Auntie with full wings.

  2. The hot girl from The L word, for sure (Katherine something or other?)

  3. Dude, I forgot I was supposed to put together a list for you. These are always hard for me because it's hard for me to find someone hot if I don't know them as a person... How about some of the Sox? Mike has a hot bat. Jacoby's stealing of home was pretty hot. Youk has a real hot bat. You already know how much I love Wake. Hmm.. No women on my list... I'll let you pick.

  4. Miflohny10:37 PM

    There was another low military flyover a few years ago that also caused lots of distress, followed by apologies. So my questions are: Doesn't anybody learn from the past ever? Does anybody remember even the recent past? Are the people who plan these things just incredibly stupid? And, hey, shouldn't the military know a thing or to about post traumatic stress disorder and take that into account in their stupid plans?