Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hitting Our Birthday Stride

Are you tired of your birthday yet my friend?
I didn't think so.

By the way, if you're the thank you not sending type you should send a thank you note to the internet. Last year I requested that it provide better pictures of Linda Cardellini and the internet complied. I could have made you three birthday posts all out of her.


  1. I LURVE Sara Ramirez. Seriously. Just LOOK at that attitude! MMm-Hmmmm!

  2. You are sooo good to me!

  3. OK! It worked this time! Weird. I am pumped I share a birthday with the little man!

    Thanks for the id's because, yeah, I don't know most of those chicks. But! My boy Wake is throwing a decent game and Jacoby got his 11th steal!

  4. And you should hear her sing!

    More IDs!

    1. Originally Summer Glau of Firefly and now on the Sarah Connor long as it hasn't been canceled.

    2. Mike Lowell.

    3. Sara Shahi of The L Word and now of a show called Life, though her character has been mysteriously kidnapped for a bit since the actress is pregnant but the character isn't.

    4. The Fierce Sara Ramirez wh you can search for n my blog and find out a lot about. She's a Tony Award winning actress who has now dug herself a great niche on TV in Grey's Anatomy.

    5. Rachel Griffiths is Aussie actress extraordinaire. You'll recognize her from TV in Brothers & Sisters or Six Feet Under but you should go rent Muriel's Wedding and Hillary & Jackie to really see her shine.

    6. Sarah Paulson, she's just been in a bunch of stuff. She's the girl you'll recognize but not quite place. Most recently she was in the underperforming Aaron Sorkin show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

    7. The delightful America Ferrara. She's another Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants girl, she is the Betty in Ugly Betty (hard to believe) but you should go rent her break out movie, Real Women Have Curves.

    8. Michelle Pfeiffer - probably a similar amount of plastic surgery to Meg Ryan but Pfeiffer is wearing it better.

    9. Rosario Dawson is known for being hot. I mean, she's an actress she was in Walking Tall and Rent and a bunch of other things and she's pretty good but more than anything else people know her because she looks like she does and it's all natural.

    10. Linda Cardellini - ER, Freaks & Geeks, the Scooby Doo movies. I have a feeling we have not yet seen her best work. I for one am looking forward to whatever she does next.

  5. Ooo! There you are! We were commenting at the same time. Good to have you here. You've got one more post coming before bed time.

  6. Sarah Paulson is costarring in Cupid right now.