Monday, June 29, 2009

Do Yourself A Favor, You Deserve It

Buy this CD.

I haven't heard a note of it. I haven't even heard stories about the recording of one note of it. I still feel entirely secure in recommending the new solo disc from my good friend, the excellent Carolann Solebello, because she's a woman who does nothing partially assed. It's whole assed or nothing and she has the talent and the dedication to back up all of her dreams. Of late she's been devoting her musical efforts to being one third of Red Molly. As they've built a larger audience they've been able to rest, write and follow their inspiration to other projects, the better to feed the trio in the long run. Carolann's inspiration led to a new solo CD (and a chorus of "Finally!" was heard from her fans) that I can all but guarantee you will love. Don't take my word for it, let's get some quotes.

Well, sure, I like her pretty well. I married her, didn't I?

Carolann sings like an angel!
- Carmencita's sister

Mommy, shhhhh!
- Music Kid

Now, I suppose you could wait until Christmas to buy yourself a present but how much better to buy it for yourself now then come Christmas you can get it for everybody else!

Congratulations my friend! I can't wait to hear every single note.

(Looks like I'll have an opportunity to barter for my copy this week or next.)

(I might have taken a little poetic license with a couple of these quotes. Just a little. One of them is precisely accurate, though, I promise.)

(I didn't ask if I could use the photo since I was using it to promote the CD. It's a risk, I know, and I will take it down if anybody asks. In the meantime another reason to buy the CD is so you can read the jacket and tell me who gets photo credit!)

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