Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 Things Trippy

I've been posting my trip photos slowly on Flickr. More on that later.

2. The rhythm is definitely different out West than it is here. I could not find it in myself. I tried and tried but could not.

3. It turns out that a maple bacon donut is not too much. Not too much at all. It is, in the immortal words of Goldilocks, just right. VoodDoo Doughnut also made me possibly the very best chocolate frosted doughnut I have ever had the pleasure to consume.

4. Seattle makes really hot men. Or perhaps attracts them. I didn't find out if they were all native. Stay tuned for those photos, too.

5. My very unscientific observations showed me that women in the West are more "normally" sized. Please note I'm not saying that the women out there are fat. I saw more people who look like me than I do here in New York. I think. It felt like it but I'm still watching New York with new eyes to see if it still feels like it.

6. I had to implement a self-regulating measure in Powell's Books. My arms got fuller and fuller and finally TVMike asked, "Do you want some help with those?" I declined because I told myself that if I couldn't carry it I couldn't buy it. Still spent $95 but got a LOT for my cash.

7. I went to the land of Starbucks. I have mixed feelings about the franchise and I generally try to patronize locally owned or smaller chains wherever I am. I figured, though, that at some point I'd go to a Starbucks in Seattle. I even passed by what I think was the original one. I got my cocoa fix in the airport. Technically still in Seattle I guess.

8. There's a ton of public art in the cities I visited. It's embedded in the walkways and crawls along buildings and I loved it. I want more of that everywhere.

9. A jaywalking ticket in Seattle is $52. Fortunately I do not know that from personal experience. Not for lack of trying, though. They are freakishly serious about their street crossing rules.

10. The time change didn't kick my ass especially in either direction but I am still, I think, a little bit on West Coast time. It does not make getting up for work any easier.


  1. You did all the things on my list... Powells books! They were my bookstore inspiration when I owned Crazy Ladies!
    And Voodoo donuts....yes! yes! yes!to the Maple Bacon goodness donut! I can't wait to visit there and see what goodness is cooking up. Such creative wonderful people!
    I can't wait to see further up the West coast. Northern Cali is my choosen home, such beauty, great shore line!
    Woo hoo for you and your traveling skills!

  2. Oh and I hate to poke you... but where are the deets about meeting Mrs G? May be you are just keeping them all to yourself and okay... fine. Isn't she lovely? Well I know she has to be! Share if you can and will.

  3. I met her last year here in NYC so I know she is lovely. Sadly, due to circumstances beyond my control, we were unable to meet in Seattle. I'm kind of heartbroken about it which is why I haven't mentioned it earlier.

  4. Re #5: See #3.

  5. Me too. Heartbroken. But yea! for donuts! Next trip for shizzle!

  6. A maple bacon donut sounds like heaven.