Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 Jumbly Bumbly Things

1. Tony Comstock is rallying to fight again. Check out the unbelievable drop in stats he's being subjected to. Also go google "real sex" take a look at some of that crap then go look at a trailer or two for Tony's films (not safe for work) and tell me why on earth it should be forced out of those search results.

2. Roman Polanski was arrested, some 30 years on from his alleged crime. Wow it's a complicated and awful thing. Feministing has a round up of writing about it.

3. Rob Rummel-Hudson is probably the premier blogger on parenting a special needs child. The other day he took on the question of paying for special education in public schools.

4. By now you've probably heard all about this exchange between Senators Kyl and Stebanow but just in case you haven't. Man, she served him with a smile.

5. The Tomato Nation/Donors Choose Contest is almost nigh. There's even a pre-contest giveaway happening. Please lift up your couch cushions and see if you've got anything you can donate to this wonderful cause. (Alternatively the Red Cross is a good clearing house for donations for the southeast flood victims or victims of the typhoon in the Philippines.)

6. We had run off elections in the city today (Dear 89% of voters who failed to come out on primary day, He may be the president but he is still only one man. Get off your duff and help him out. Love, One of the pitiful 11%) and I was forced to make some odd choices. Obviously the candidates were close in their positions so I found myself looking to any interaction I'd had with them or their people. Some of these interactions were supremely annoying. So for instance do I not vote for that controller candidate because he and his entourage stood dead center of the small greenmarket thoroughfare in the rain while they glad handed and blocked any of the regular shoppers from passing without seeming to notice or do I vote for that same candidate because clearly he's going to stand firm in his convictions and not be swayed by little things like politesse?

7. DJ Blurb's writing on Fringe Conservatives (up to and including G. Beck) is really interesting. I remain baffled by how people like Blurb, Dooce and Martha Beck can have been raised Mormon, grown so far from it but then willingly gone back to live in an area where Mormonism has so strong an influence. It's admirable because they're sort of fighting from the inside but I don't get it. I'm glad they keep writing about it so I can continue to learn.

8. All I know about Norma Rae is what I learned in the movie. Apparently Crystal Lee Sutton, upon whom the movie is based (yes she did write that sign and stand on that platform), passed away recently. Thanks to Feministing for the heads up.

9. Not sure how I managed not to share this with you before but Scalzi went in depth about why calling Obama a socialist is both an improper label for the man and an inappropriate use of the word. "You know who don’t think Obama is a socialist? Socialists, that’s who." As usual he's knowledgeable and well-reasoned with a lot for both sides to learn if we feel like it.

10. Let's go out on a Darwinism note. Recently football player Plaxico Burress reported to jail for having a loaded gun in a night club...and accidentally shooting himself with it. While I've got a bit of a gripe that he and Michael Vick were handed extremely similar sentences I have to say they both got off cheap compared to this kid.


  1. RE: #9 Amen! Every time I hear some remark about our "socialist" president I want to tear my hair out.

    Re: # 10 Oops! But I can't help but laugh... Has anyone nominated that kid for a Darwin Award?

  2. Thank you for these posts. The news. Norma Rae... passing. UNION!
    Kid shooting himself in the pink parts.
    You are better than the Today show Kizz.