Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ahoy The Randomness!

1. After I bitched and moaned on Sunday I actually wrote 7 new pieces to post on various sites around and about. Poke around in the different rooms of The Women's Colony and I will appear. Mostly regular Mondays and Fridays in the Bedroom but you never know where else I could be.

2. Speaking of the Colony they're giving away shoes this week. You love shoes, don't you? Also my new friend, Minnesota Matron, wrote an interesting piece on privacy in a technological age. If you read it don't neglect the comments, people have a lot of ideas.

3. Speaking of technology, I signed up for Twitter yesterday. I don't even know why. I'm @Kizzbeth now. Perhaps it was a bad case of technological hubris since I spent much of yesterday's workday setting up the boss's new computer and I think I did OK.

4. Speaking of work, my boss said to me yesterday, "Have you ever thought about working in a Mac store?" Aside from the implications for my future employment I'm afraid those of you who have ever given me tech support might snap a tendon laughing at the very suggestion.

5. Speaking of sports (we weren't, were we?), I think the fact that some NFL players are donating their noggins to concussion research (presumably post-mortem) is pretty super. They need to get some NHL folks in there, too. Eric Lindros' brain alone could provide valuable information leading to the eradication of head injuries throughout America. Or not. But still, he's got to have the highest per-head concussion rate outside of boxing. (hat tip to Gothamist)

6. According to the fine folks of the West Wing (the real one, not Aaron Sorkin's) September is National Preparedness Month. Perhaps it will surprise you to know that after a terrorist attack on my city and a regional blackout I am not prepared. Perhaps it will not. Saintseester and I were talking about it over here. Part of it is that I'm not very organized. Part is that I don't have a ton of space. A big part of it is that I feel a little fatalistic about the whole thing. How much good are a couple of bottles of water and a radio going to do me? That being said, if you're wondering what to get me for Christmas a flashlight and some batteries probably wouldn't be a bad place to start.

7. I don't know nearly enough about the playwriting of Wallace "Incontheivable!" Shawn. This is a neat interview and I want to know more.

8. My dog isn't well. I'm trying not to get all worked up about it. She's refusing to eat, though, even when I entice her with all her favorite stuff. Could be a lot of things. Some of them are easily fixable and some of them are also easily fixable but in a really undesirable way. Finally made a vet appointment for tomorrow night so we'll know more then, I guess. In the mean time I'm giving her anti-inflammatories and bribing her with hot dogs. Poor baby girl.

9. I can't get this quote from MAB out of my head, "Oh, and pre-2000 respect for the office wasn't such a big deal either. Remember that? But 9/11 changed everything. Until it changed black. I mean, back." Have I mentioned how much I love his brain?

10. I continue to enjoy Leon's information over at the Edible Torah. Sometimes I don't feel qualified to interpret his words, though. I mean, did he seriously just talk about the time that Moses thought that Judaism had jumped the shark?


  1. Continuing with the theme of my bizarre preparedness behavior, I also refuse to let my husband put in a tankless water heater. Doesn't he understand how much potable water is in that tank? Enough for 4 people for over 3 weeks, that's how much.

    He lets me keep the water heater, but refuses to let me stock pile beans and rice in the garage.

  2. Sorry to hear about Em. I was worried about her the other night too. She needs to get her appetite back. Keep me posted.

  3. I have no preparedness tactics save that I have a blanket in the trunk of my car (and canned goods. I have some - not "mountain man" supplies, but we've got soup and mandarin oranges...).

    I, too, am in love with MAB. Desperately, geekily in love.

  4. So, Seester, I guess what's going to happen is that, when the inevitable happens I'm just going to walk to your house and hope the moon is full along the way. Save me a sip from the water heater, please!

    Kath, experiments are in the works and I'm more convinced that she's in enormous pain from her legs. Hopefully the vet will help tomorrow.

    Chili, so at least you won't get scurvy I guess. Also, he's just good people. I can't say it enough.

  5. Miflohny2:35 PM

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Emily!