Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are We Bored Yet?

I wrote this very passionate article for today's spot in The Rec Room. I was really excited about it and had endless fun choosing examples and crafting sentences and teasing out my point. Then I went back to proof read and thought, "Oh for the love of Sports Night this might not work at all!" I mean, it still works for me, I remain entirely geeked by the whole argument, but I had a sudden all-encompassing fear that it might be an internet sleeping pill for people who don't know my voice at all. You folks know my voice. If you have a chance would you mind going over there and letting me know if I'm in a world of my own on this one? I trust you. Thanks!


  1. I haven't even read the post yet.....I'm just SWOONING over JOSH and DONNA! Oh, man. I love that show. JOSH!!! DONNA!!! Love.

    You just made my day.

    I'll probably be back after I read the actual post!

  2. Ok--here's the deal:
    It's too long to read stealthily at work.