Tuesday, September 08, 2009

If It Were A Ferret...

...it would have bitten me.

I didn't mention Mad Men! What was I thinking? It is nearly as well constructed on all levels as The Wire. On the surface it's a pretty little period piece about stupid people we've grown beyond. If you use the tiniest bit of effort, though, you will see the infinite layering of commentary on our society and how it has a bad habit of working its hardest to implode and kill us all. If you're incensed by politics right now? Go take a look at 1960. Bring a martini. The show is in the midst of a 3rd season right now, on A&E. I've found that the previous episodes are available on DVD and readily on the internet. In the most recent episode alone my heart was broken, my hackles were raised and I laughed out loud. More than once for each category. It's not as light as it looks but it is unmissable.


  1. i've got a friend chasing me down all over okc to hand over season one. i cannot wait! you need to check out This American Life.

  2. Mediaguy1:57 PM

    I thought it was on AMC?

  3. And you'd be right. Man, apparently Made Men is SO GOOD that it has made my brain incapable of taking in peripheral information around it. I'm sure the AMC people are utterly jazzed about that.