Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris Is Magic

As I saw on my couch fast forwarding through the commercials and watching the Emmys I was also trying to think what the heck I'd do for 10 Things Tuesday this week. Make the problem your solution I always say. So here are 10 things I like about the Emmys. 

1. Neil Patrick Harris' tour of the stage.

2. Kristen Chenoweth's acceptance speech where she made shilling for work seem charming and perfectly appropriate. If I knew how to do that I would so not being working in a fucking office.

3. Tina Fey & John Hamm helping Chenoweth off the stage. So classy, which is no surprise from those two. (It's a good thing they did, too, apparently soon after that she had to be treated by paramedics.)

4. The borderline creepy "Oooo!" let out by Justin Timberlake when he read that Toni Colette won Best Actress in a Comedy for United States of Tara.

5. Timberlake again, surprisingly, for his rendition of Kanye West: The Classy Version when he and Ms. Fey were called on to speak.

***I admit I don't watch 30 Rock but I still call foul on Baldwin over Shalhoub. Sorry Alec I'm sure you're very good it's just....no.

6. As much as it pains me to put him on my list, Jeff Probst's nod to Harris and the fact that last year's reality hosted Emmys sucked balls. I tend to blanket anything associated with Survivor as classless but apparently I've missed the mark.

7. The 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon joke. I admit it, I laughed out loud.

8. Everything about Shoreh Aghdashloo. She is everything that is elegant and beautiful and noteworthy. 

9.  Ken Howard's birthday tribute to his wife. "Happy Birthday, Sunshine." Come on, how sweet is that? On a different note, I had no idea he had a kidney transplant a few years ago. Wow.

***Sight gag with the internet winner sitting behind the sound mixers is funny and yet tragic. Did you see how many empty seats there were in the audience? Could they not even get enough seat fillers for this show?

***Sorry, I have to mention it because huge white elephant in the room, but, um, did anyone contact a bookie about the odds on Patricia Arquette Janet Jacksoning out of her dress? I mean, wow. Wow.

10. Seriously, the Dr. Horrible thing, probably the best pre-taped bit for an awards show EVER. LOVE.

I got to 10 and we're only at 1 hour 33 mins into the 3 hour show. I waited until 8:30 to start watching via DVR and I haven't even caught up to the live broadcast yet, either. Looks like I might have enough material for a whole second list. Stay tuned...


  1. when my two favorite vampires took the stage to present...i had to get a clean up on aisle 5.

  2. Makes me sad I did not watch. Thank you for the highlights!
    I heart Alec and Justin.
    I hope with all my heart and soul Em's feeling much better.
    I have been thinking about her and you and sending you much love.

  3. Z, I loved that they paired them like that.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Gert.