Tuesday, September 01, 2009

There Are 10 Of Them Anyway

1. I'm going to wait out the whole Facebook stalking possibility thing a little bit longer. I'm lucky to have a couple of highly competent researchers in my corner and, while I historically have crappy judgment about dates, their evidence is still inconclusive so I'm going to give it one more missive before defriending or what have you. Currently my gut feeling is that he'll never show up in my city. I have, however, been wrong before. Frequently.

2. Yesterday I got another fighter in my corner about my health insurance problem and that was a source of great comfort to me. Somehow it was comforting even as she verbally grimaced about how completely fucked I am.

3. Ever since I got the notice for my premium increase and knew I'd have to change health insurance if at all possible this thing has been running around in my head. It is, to some extent, hyperbolic but I have to get it out. Almost a decade ago I breathed concrete dust and human ash from the World Trade Center while I marched against a war launched on a pack of lies and I was called unpatriotic. If that was unpatriotic then what do I get to call Americans now who oppose health care reform? The current system, unreformed in any way, is actually responsible for the deaths of more Americans per year than 9/11. Opposition is what then? Unpatriotic? Traitorous? Self-destructive on a grand scale? Or, more likely, something being perpetrated ultimately by people who think themselves above the cut off for being burned by the current system. I think they're wrong, I think that when it's done with me it'll come for them and it won't care how many American flags they've waved over their loaded guns in a town hall situation. Once they get cancer/diabetes/old age this system will boot them like it's trying to boot me (and many of my friends) and it won't give a crap what side of the debate they were on.

4. Huh, that previous one should probably have been its own post, eh? Too hyperbolic, I think, for that, though.

5. I took my dog to a Brooklyn Cyclones game (Technically Kath took my dog and me. Thank you Kath!) and, while it tuckered her out a bit, it also energized her immensely. I fear she's been bored out of her skull and I feel a little guilty about that.

6. Surprise! Despite my inability to be surprised by most things in every day life I am pretty easy to surprise on the gift front. ChemE delights in visiting in the summer, having me pick out my gifts and delivering them in December. I have almost always forgotten what they were by then and cry out things like, "Aw, I remember these now, I LOVE these!" Today I got this very fun book via UPS. On a whim I entered a raffle. I forgot I entered. Mrs. G reminded me that I won. I gave her my address to deliver to the blogger making the donation. I forgot all about it until the man in the brown shorts rang my bell (dirty!) this evening. Yay!

7. Rescue Me's first full 22 episode season comes to a close tonight. I couldn't believe it had been that long but when you don't take hiatuses every other week 22 episodes don't take anywhere near 9 months to run out. I've said this before and I'll say it again and again. I wish shows would just do that instead of the network eking out thing. Run Fringe every week, without fail, for 22 weeks. Then go away for a bit and run Glee for 22 weeks. Don't jumble everything up. Much cleaner, much more interesting, and I think the cable channels are showing you how well it works!

8. I finished Mark Zupan's biography which covers a shitload of ground for a pretty short book. I'm now in the process of sacking up and asking if he'll agree to be interviewed for what Zelda calls "The Vagina Column." Wish me luck (and thank you to those who have already assisted the quest!).

9. I've been thinking a lot about perception since I began using Facebook regularly. I was surprised at how inaccurately perceived I felt over relatively little things. A couple of years ago I was talking to a friend about a blogger who I felt prickly about. The friend, who had met the blogger in person, said, "She's not a bad person. She's just not a very good writer." I felt immediately that the latter was a worse judgment than the former. I beg you, feel free to call me a bad person just please don't call me a bad writer.

10. What are your thoughts on Twitter? Mine change daily. An old friend and great techie (among other things) suggested I look into an aggregator (right word? maybe) where you enter your 140 characters and it automatically posts to Twitter and Facebook and, I think, even your blog if you're so inclined. I'm considering it. And then I'm not. But then I do again. You know me.


  1. i very much love your blog and don't know why i haven't been reading it forever.

  2. What? Rescue Me season is ending tonight? Jeebus, I had no idea. I have that Amy Sedaris book--totally fun. My opinion on Twitter is that it is blogging for retards. But I had to sign up for it for a work thing, so I'm on there.

  3. Miflohny3:15 PM

    I've been thinking about your health insurance and your desire for a national coverage plan. Couldn't you just get a New York plan that has the option of out-of-network coverage? That would be more expensive than a plan without any out-of-network coverage, but I would think it would be cheaper than a national plan. Out of network care would probably have a deductible, and may not pay 100% of the cost, but it may be an option. Of course, I'd make sure it would cover you if you got sick outside of NYS, but I would think it would.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT let your coverage lapse - if it does, then you can be denied coverage on any pre-existing condition for 6 months.

    And, remember, in NYS your rates can't be raised because of your health or age - you pay the same as any one else in the state for the same plan.

    Good luck finding a plan you like. The healthcare situation in this country is completely shameful!

  4. Madge, thanks so much. Glad to have you here!

    K, I'm loving the Sedaris book, she's a hoot!

    Miflohny, turns out that the whole question of whether or not I'll be covered while traveling nationwide is basically moot. The options for individual coverage in NY are extremely slim and I'm unqualified for most of the options since I'm employed for the moment.

  5. I am so surprised and perplexed by the intensity of the protests against health care reform. There is definitely a fear-of-change thing going on there, as if reforming health care will change what the protesters have now.

    Yes, well, maybe it will. But don't they understand that what they have now has been changing, dollar by dollar, benefit by benefit, every single year, getting worse and worse and worse - do they really think they will be better off doing nothing?

    I for one think the changes that will come with reform will be BETTER for our country. And although I have great health insurance now, I have absolutely no doubt that if we don't reform things, even my great care will probably turn into shit, if we keep allowing the insurance industry to call the shots.

    *OK, stepping off high horse now.*