Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Well...These Look OK

For the record if you missed the footnote on the last post I'm working mostly off this grid of the fall schedule over at TV IV. I think I'd looked at one on TV Guide a couple of weeks ago but this is what googling gave me this time around.

So, there's a bunch of new stuff coming out I guess. I'll admit to not knowing a lot about most of it but here's what I do know.

1. Accidentally on Purpose is the new Jenna Elfman sitcom. I quite like Ms. Elfman but I'm not sure that's enough to make me watch this. Pretty girl, geeky guys, blah blah blah sitcom ta da!

2. The Jay Leno Show. What more does one need to know really? I won't be watching and I will be blaming it for the demise of more fictional programming, in specific the cancellation of Life.

3. NCIS: Los Angeles has a cast of heavy hitters. Surely you've heard they have Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J. Those guys are great, truly, I have respect for them. What you probably haven't heard is that Linda Hunt is also joining the cast. Linda Motherfucking Hunt y'all! I can't believe she'd choose to board a ship infested with rats. However, I probably still won't be watching until it's in syndication. If you're an NCISer, though, I bet this will be even better than the original.

4. The Good Wife is the new Juliana Margulies vehicle. It sounds suspiciously like a show she kicked off a short time ago that tanked like your grandmother in a wet t-shirt contest. Smart, solid, sweet political wife has her mettle tested when her husband, Chris Noth, is found to be a cheating rat. The clip I heard this morning has Margulies walking into court (presumably as a litigator) and saying to her colleague, "I haven't been in a court room in 13 years." The colleague replies, "Huh. I was 13." I wouldn't throw over a show I already like for this one but it might be nice and simple.

5. Melrose Place. One can only assume it's like the original only with shorter skirts and a token gay couple.

6. Hank is Kelsey Grammar's new show. Frasier was a fabulous show but, for my money, not because of Kelsey Grammar. It's a sitcom. He plays the guy. That's all I know.

7. A couple of seasons ago CBS pulled an NBC and canceled a wonderful sitcom called The Class. Among the members of its talented cast was a young man named Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He's on a new sitcom called Modern Family. I've inferred from the print ads that it involves a number of families and he's one half of the same sex dad couple. He's worth your time and effort to see him. Premiere is 9/23.

8. Cougar Town is how Courtney Cox Arquette plans to pay her bills this season. Divorcee looking to get back in the dating scene. All of the ads I've seen are cringeworthy at best.

9. I know that Eastwick is a TV version of the Witches of Eastwick. That is all I've bothered to find out. I don't have faith in the concept. Let me know if I'm wrong, though.

10. Fox wisely aired the pilot of Glee at the end of last season. Call it an amuse bouche and my bouche was very amused. It puts a glee club in a high school dramady in about the same place football shows up in Friday Night Lights. Good cast, fun music, seems like a more humorous Fame. They have already re-aired the pilot (my bad, sorry) and are starting the season tomorrow night.

11. There's a show called Trauma whose ads have been plastered all over re-airings of Southland this summer. Looks like Third Watch to me but with more sunlight. I liked Third Watch a lot but mostly saw it in syndication. If syndication is in Trauma's future I'll watch it then.

12. Three Rivers is another medical drama and were it not for the casting of my beloved Katherine Moennig I would not be adding it to the DVR. Seems as though it's a chance for us to see her stretch her acting muscles on network TV, though, and I'm interested to see that. For vampire lovers, Alex O'Loughlin of the swiftly (and probably rightly) canceled Moonlight stars.

Next up we have returning shows I'm probably going to watch even though I don't care all that much. That is not a catchy title for a post, must come up with something better before I post.


  1. Miflohny4:07 PM

    I'll look into Glee.

    Linda Hunt is VERY tempting, but NOT NCIS, so I think I'll skip it.

    Thanks for all the TV viewing help!

  2. You're very welcome. We don't get to compare out viewing schedules and work out who tapes what anymore. Sad.

  3. Miflohny11:09 PM

    Yes that is sad. My viewing habits are pretty sparse these days anyway, since we have to wait for Little Seal to close his little eyes before turning on the tube.