Monday, October 12, 2009

Conquering Hero

 One of the many, many things that Queen Bee and I did this weekend was to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. She is not a fan of heights but hates the fear so will often try to push her boundaries. We started our trek with the understanding that we could turn around at any time if anyone felt like it. The diciest moment was perhaps when I asked her to stand against the railing to take the picture above of her with the Statue of Liberty (quite blurry) over her shoulder. She didn't want to stop, though, she called King Bee from dead center of the bridge (pictured below) and we rewarded ourselves on the other side by inviting BeBe out for coffee before we took the subway back to the BK.

Success, she is sweet, no?


  1. I think doing that would require me to pee my pants and have to walk the rest of the way leaving droplets along the bridge. I dunno.
    I DO know that I'm totally proud of that trek, and those pics are fabulous and I'm going to find my super fabulous Queen Bee socks to put on right now so I'll feel closer to both of you!

  2. Brooklyn Bridge today, Mount Kilimanjaro tomorrow!