Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Came home sick from work today. Flu symptoms. Not the worst ones but slightly bugged stomach, chills and fever. Took a nap, ate some toast, drinking some juice.

In the mean time the debate rages on both in front of and behind the scenes about my use of the word "cunt." Aaryn wanted to widen the discussion (take that imagery!) so she took the crux of it to her own blog. The post has only been up a few hours and the discussion is already heated. I'm sure she'd love it if you gave it your two cents.

OK, now get out of here, I might be contagious!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I wholeheartedly disagree with MissM. I really like your writing and especially your writing at the Women's Colony.

  2. Hi, Kizz, hope you're feeling better. Regarding my line about the "c-word" - I confess it was actually a guy I knew who I heard it from, a clever fellow in academia.

    I still think it's hilarious - and actually all too true, isn't it?

    I was once doing event management for an academic medical association conference - it was a group of gynecological oncologists. And my client contact was a really unpleasant woman. At one point while she was berating some of my (male) staff about the set-up, I had to walk away, and one of my staff overheard me muttering "What a c***!" and started laughing hysterically.

  3. i commented over at aaryn's place. i feel badly for not commenting on your post. i tried. and deleted several times. i'm pissed that this is soooo blown up. i mean, i love the dialogue but seriously? jeezy peezy.

    anyways. you know how I feel. I let Aaryn know as well.

  4. I commented before the debate flared dear. I love that you used the words cunt lips in this post. I love the writing there. Don't change a thing... more please.

  5. Oh and get well babe.

  6. How terrible is this... I didn't even notice "the word" in the original post. And good grief, you didn't call someone that. Chill, people, or read something else, a nice cookbook perhaps.

  7. Hah! A cookbook!

    Get better. Well. Get well.
    All well.
    Eat soup. (I have sweet potato.)
    Dry socks. (Mine are not right now, which is why I mention it.)
    No anger. (Although, most likely deserved and well-placed, it will only lengthen your recovery.)
    All well.

  8. Writing the word and using it are two different things. In that post you were describing anatomy, not deriding someone. Big difference. Context and intent are what give any word "power." I personally wouldn't use the word, but that doesn't mean I condemn anyone else for their choice to do so. Live and let live - it's what makes this world such an interesting place. Get better soon!

  9. Jules, thanks. I took that one kind of hard so I appreciate you standing on the other side.

    g, I think your friend could make a million bucks on t-shirts. That's the best sound byte ever.

    Zelda, thanks for throwing all your cents in in both places.

    Gert, there will be changes, decrees have come down. They won't be huge, though.

    justcurious, I don't think it's terrible you didn't notice it, I think you make all the points I've wanted to make.

    Chrome, I think this opened the door to make me sick, you're absolutely right. I'm not so much mad as I am super sad. Some people just suck.

    ~annie, interestingly I guess my usage of the word makes people feel as though I'm not letting them live. I disagree but what can you do? Thanks for ringing in here and in the other places.