Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happens All The Time

I had planned to talk about something else today. There's always so much else to talk about but, it seems, it's another one of those days.

Of the four dogs pictured above only Dorothy remains. Cameron/The Lion went first a few years ago after a lengthy battle with cancer. Emily/The Tin Dog you know plenty about. Last night word came sweeping down the grapevine that Georgia/The Scarecrow has passed. Sylvie still stands and if we put those fake ruby slippers on her she'd stand right still forever and ever. She hated those slippers.

This morning my mother called with her own sad news. I'm always a little nervous when she says that since she's in charge of Aunt Rena who is ailing, and yet tough as the toughest of nails. It wasn't Rena, though, it was mom's favorite feline, Valentino. He peed in the house endlessly, he was a long haired shedder and he was mean to all the other cats but he was a love. He slept on Rena's bed and sat in mom's lap and they both apparently loved the stuffing out of him. He got hit by a car Friday morning and went mercifully quickly. He's being cremated now because mom decided she just couldn't dig another hole. Well, she said not a big one, she could dig a little one so I assume his diminished remains will be properly buried soon.

More treats for all. Much love for all. Yet another two moments of silence.


  1. Oh Mama Kizz...SOOOOOO sorry to hear about that. Breaks my heart.

    and on the flip side...

    is it bad that I chuckled because I can HEAR her saying, I just can't dig another hole. well. not a big hole. i can dig a little hole...

    *shaking head laughing*

  2. RIP Georgia. One helluva dog.

    Cameron sure looked good as the Cowardly Lion.