Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Do Dream Of Her Actually

Today was a milestone day. Yes, we probably registered more Pupkin contestants than ever before but not by a large margin. Yes, I had to tell two other people that Emily has passed but that wasn't it, either (By the by, want to feel shitty? Look into the eyes of a third grader on Halloween right after she asks, "Where's Emily?")

Today was Teddy's day. His girl has been watching him closely and hoping that he'd reach a few milestones. His birthday last year was an important one and she gave him a rip roaring birthday party that park users still talk about. One more Pupkin was another and he made it today. He got all the way to the park, he walked the ring in his costume (Barbara Eden was an amateur next to Teddy), he waited for the results and he won one of the two special fan favorite awards. The crowd chanted his name when his number was called.

Getting home was, I hear, slightly more problematic. He walked part way, he was carried a block and finally caught a ride the rest of the way. He has a lot of fans and with good reason, he is a spectacular boy.

There's no way to know how many more milestones he has in him but it was good to see this one. Bittersweet to have him there without his friend, Emily, but wonderful to see him. Here in the 'hood we respect our elders and it may have taken a village but Teddy made his mark again today and for that I am sincerely grateful.


  1. well said my friend. I thought of you often yesterday...

    this time next week we'll be face to face.

  2. I thought about you on Halloween and Emily! Glad you went...

  3. Me too. Teddy looked fantastic and I think he enjoyed the attention as usual. I was glad to be in the right place at the right time to get him home. Man, it sucked not to be dreaming up a last-minute costume for Emily.

  4. After our old Malamute died, I felt almost haunted by his presence. It's finally waned...which I think is why it felt right to get our new dog Jack.

    Funny thing, too - Jack sometimes does things our old Mal used to do - sleeping in exactly the same place, same position. Is it just because physically that place is perfect for that body position? Or is there a sense that another dog went before? Why am I more able to believe in souls of dogs than in souls of people?