Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Tuesday

1. I have a new shower curtain rod. Doesn't sound exciting? Maybe not and yet the comfort of having a pressure rod (heh) instead of a light piece of aluminum delicately balanced (usually) on top of the tiles is a bit of a treat, especially when accessorized with my new goldfish shower curtain.

2. I also have a new piece of art in my bathroom, a photo finally in a frame that's been waiting for years, new dishes for the cats, a lip pencil sharpener, a new necklace, a new (fake) purse and a million other little things. Having a hard core shopper visit for the weekend helps to round out your home.

3. What I don't have? Well, my dog. Also, a Nikkor 18-200mm lens. Slurp. I went to mecca with Kath last night to replace her dissolving camera and priced my desire while we were talking to Abe in the used and refurbished section. Going to have to save in the vicinity of $450 sheckels. But WANT. And it would, I think, change the face of my photography.

4. It's cold, y'all. Not like freezing cold but pretty dangitall cold. I am unimpressed. I think it's because it never got really super warm this summer so I find myself kind of surprised.

5. Tomato Nation contest is on! You know you want to donate. Seriously, schools need help. I'm about to put in an order for things I so don't need because Alita's school got $1 million cut from their budget and one of their strategies for closing the gap is to have the kids sell wrapping paper and chocolate covered pretzels and the like. The TN contest helps teachers to help students without the distribution of extraneous gift tags. Please consider rifling your couch cushions for change and helping out. There are prizes involved, too.

6. I went to off leash hours in the morning a couple of times this weekend. Queen Bee had never been since Emily didn't handle them well so I thought she would like it and she did. It's quite a sight, that sea of caninity writhing and running all over the park. Chrome was kind enough to call and invite us to go with her and the boy and his dog so I wouldn't feel like some perv at the playground and we had a really nice visit. It wasn't too hard on me. I think that's because it wasn't something Em and I did together in the last years so it's not a missing piece activity. Walking with Timbo will be. I did feel a tinge of desperation, reaching out to every dog I could get my hands on and carrying bribes in my pocket.

7. We also had a nice walk with Teddy, met up with Rocket and visited with the Bobster.

8. You know I don't think I'd ever been to Katz's deli. We got a pastrami and swiss on rye and it was one of the best things I've ever tasted. The experience of Katz's and the hoops you have to jump through to get your food, though, was stressful.

9. So that purse? I did the whole Chinatown knock off illegal thing. I've never done it before. I usually stay on the street with 9-1 dialed and my finger over the 1 in case the adventurers get kidnapped and sold into white slavery. It was fun and a remarkably low pressure shopping experience until the bartering began. Woof. I can't do math that fast. I think I went only about $2.50 over my top desired price for my purse. I think. I've still never spent $30 on a purse in my whole flipping life. I like it though, it's stylish and my camera fits in it so I feel good about the purchase.

10. I got asked to sing back up on someone's CD. I'm ridiculously flattered and thrilled. No one's ever thought I was good enough to back them up before. I'm supposed to go into the studio on Friday to start. Very nervous. Very excited.


  1. I love that you chinatowned it with queen bee. she's a pro now, eh? i'm glad for your new rod. heh heh. and the new curtain. and for all your new shiny shiny's.

    you deserve more shiny shiny's.

  2. I'm glad you have a new rod! I hope it stays up!

    It's cold here too. In fact, I just turned on the heat for the first time. So sad.

  3. They gave you pastrami AND swiss? Didn't think they did that. So not kosher.

  4. As truly stellar as the sandwich was it was $16.50 plus tax. For that price they should not only flout the rules of kosherosity they should offer to go down on me while I eat it.