Wednesday, October 07, 2009

NWW: Together Again


  1. I'm new to your blog--I came over from the colony.

    This picture reminds me of one I have of my beloved black lab, Ursula, and my mother. Ursula died about a year before Mom, and when I look at that photo my heart aches and my arms feel empty. I love to think of them together, though, even though I miss them both.

    Light to you as you deal with your loss.

  2. Oh the blessings of them being together again...sweet sweet sweet.

  3. Wow. That picture kicked me in the gut, but in a strangely comforting way...

  4. Laurie B8:20 PM

    How nice that they are together now as they were before.

    My Gram had Alzheimers and our old yellow lab was a tennis ball fanatic. They would play throw and fetch for hours upon hours having the best time together.
    Gram couldn't process much else and the dog was in pure heaven. I hope they are doing that still.

    Sorry for your loss. Nothing prepairs any of us for that. Dog energy is good energy.