Saturday, October 17, 2009

Turn Up The Noise

I have to just tell you all of the yummy things I ate last night. Bebe threw a surprise (ish) all girls dinner party for Quewlkat's 24th birthday. She is a wonderful cook, not too complicated, but putting all the right flavors to make your eyes roll back in your head with delight. If you're hungry you might want to get a snack before you read my list.

Salted mixed nuts
5 variety pitted olive mix
Red caviar on brown bread with a touch of butter
Rose Prosecco
Carrots in garlic and butter with herbes de provence
White rice with edamame (you've seen it with peas, it's better this way)
Chicken piccata
Shrimp Scampi
Made from scratch  3-layer vanilla cake with lemon curd and raspberry curd filling, buttercream frosting, raspberry sauce & our own individual candles (I got to take a piece home, too, guess what's for lunch!)
Coffee, tea, water, merlot etc.

I am hungry today but, seriously, nothing sounds particularly satisfying after all of that. Sometimes I wish Bebe lived in my kitchen.

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