Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Do I Always Do On Sundays?

You can see the rest on Flickr.
It's an eclectic group of shots. 
Some of them have a bit of promise even.


  1. I love the sun shining on kitty in that first photo.

  2. Well, hello, boy and dog!

  3. P.S. He (dog) is not enjoying the cold. He's had his Arkansas U. sweatshirt on all weekend. Why UofA when boy is from OK? Oh, because Grandma shops at Goodwill.

  4. Thanks, seester!

    Chrome, as an only child who also was forced to wear hand me downs I feel his pain.

  5. well I had something witty and wise to put up but chrome and kizz...beat me right to it! hand me downs. goodwill. awesome.

    and the pics were great too. you know you must bring camera to chi-town/wis-town!

  6. Reunion folks should be put on notice. If they think they're escaping my lens they're going to have to find, acquire and carry around their very own witness protection blue spot because I will not be corralled!