Sunday, November 08, 2009

Abs of Steel

The weekend ain't over yet. Right now I am sitting on a hotel bed with a specially requested ridiculous looking u-shaped neck pillow around my neck listening to lines being run for a Christmas show I will never see. We're laughing, even though it's Dionysas' homework and he's got to be ready to perform on Tuesday. We've been laughing all weekend. It's like we're physically unable to stop. Sometimes you don't remember how much you miss something or someone until you see them again. I knew I missed them, I knew this weekend was important but it's almost impossible to gauge the extent of it until you're in the thick of it. I'm sure I can't do it justice. Let's see, though. I'll relate the funniest thing (in my estimation) that was said all weekend and you tell me if it's funny or you had to be there.

There was an...incident during a wild session of Rock Band on Friday night. A chair was overturned unbeknownst to the drummer and she sat down at an inopportune moment, taking a chair leg between her tender cheeks. Still sore on Saturday night she sat down gingerly to play another tune and turned a sad face to Zelda. Zelda replied, "Oh man, you're Brokedown Pal-ass!"

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  1. yeah well, WE thought it was brokedown hysterical!!!!