Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All Over The Show

1. See above. Worked on a lot of those last night for a Colony post tomorrow. Not quite done yet.

2. Check out some of Zelda's photos of our healing reunion. I love candids but she's also the mistress of the self-portrait.

3. As someone who was once absolutely terrified by a housecat in my tiny studio apartment I'm both inclined to believe this story and a little shocked that they sent the cat to the pound.

4. Chookooloonks is doing a really neat thing for kids who will be in hospitals over the holidays. If you're in the crafty/picturey mood you might enjoy participating.

5. I've been reading a lot of Jennifer Crusie novels lately. They're light both mentally and physically which I've needed. The more I read, though, the more impressed I am with the way she sticks to the formula but manages somehow to give her characters more depth than the average stereotype.

6. This lovely woman, Kathleen Cavalaro, just did a giveaway at The Colony. I approached her for it because I'd heard about her work through her husband who is a high school classmate of mine. I am currently coveting these two rings. Aren't they all kinds of shiny pretty?

7. Jim over at Sweet Juniper (and in Detroit) wrote about a side of Big Box stores that I hadn't even considered. This is why Robin Williams had his students stand on desks. A new view is critical.

8. Something truly frightening is happening to Melissa of Suburban Bliss. Please spare her a good thought when you have a chance.

9. I love what NaBloPoMo teaches me about blogging. When I put some sort of posting pressure on myslef I get into a pre-posting mode (as I write this it's not yet Tuesday!) because I live under a constant fear of forgetting to post. If I stop remembering even for a second I might forget! I was tense Monday because I didn't have anything in the chute over here. I had a vague idea of something I could throw together about the dog and my vacuum cleaner and how life is different now. Then that poem just appeared in my life and it was clear it was the right thing to post. Open yourself and the content will appear.

10. Is anyone else having any thoughts at all about Christmas gifts yet? I'm feeling the pressure yet not having any grand ideas.


  1. I'm happy to say that I only have two more presents to buy for Christmas and even have a few presents wrapped already. Before you hate me, this is VERY abnormal for me but I was determined not to have the usual manic dash right before Christmas to get everything done.

  2. Well, I may be sending nothing but boxes of love for Christmas. It's all about the money in this house. Will probably do some stuff for the boys. I really want Wonderboy to have a pair of Toms...but he probably won't like them.

    Jennifer Crusie has been a favorite of mine for years. She is GOOD. and needs to write MORE!

    I'm always impressed by the way you pre-write-post. My brain just doesnt work like that....would that it did.

  3. I LOVE Jennifer Crusie and completely agree with Zelda - she needs to write MORE!

    My thought about Christmas gift basically consists of "oh yeah...Christmas. Gotta think about that one of these days." I gave up on grand ideas years ago...although I still aim higher than the "I need socks but Christmas is coming" that rules my BFF's gifty thinking.

  4. 4. Awesome. Think I'll give that a try. I know some little monster puppets that love having their pictures taken.

    6. Totally cute rings. I approve of the covet.

    10. You know those scarves that I crochet that you never wear? What color do you not want to wear this year?

  5. I have no idea what I am buying for anybody this year. I had a thought for Punkin but now, not so much. Ugh.

  6. Jules? Whoa.

    Z, I'll take one box of love, please. Hold the box. Don't need to pay shipping on that.

    Violet, I've been "one of these days"ing it. I've got a spreadsheet where my info goes from year to year but I haven't been able to even bear opening it yet.

    Chrome, those puppets are cool. I've never gotten a scarf. I wear a lot of fucking scarves. Just FYI. :)

    Auntie, I think I'm going to just go with the Big Box of Love idea. Hope everyone understands.