Friday, November 20, 2009


I cannot make a decision. What to eat? Whether to come home between class and rehearsal? If the new higher ticket price for this show will prevent me from attending? Which cat is crazier?

Yesterday I filled out a very short application to go along with one of my plays in the hopes of winning 10 hours of rehearsal time with a creative team to continue the development of the piece. It was all good except for the "purpose statement." If you thought that cat thing was tough you should have seen me trying to figure out my freaking purpose. I called in the cavalry and the cavalry was all very helpful albeit while pacing around me at a fair distance speculating about my resemblance to a certain capricious white tiger.

It's Friday so we should do something fun. I'm going to give you a choice (heh). Either tell me about your purpose or you can make one up for me.

Or, I guess, you can do nothing. Nothing at all. But where would the fun be in that?


  1. I was already 3/4 of the way into my anxiety attack when I clicked over to read this post.
    Guess I'll just sit here and type some very important construction documents and try not to cry anymore today.
    (yeah...the crying started around 7am)

  2. OK, wait - I'm supposed to have a purpose???

    I thought I was just supposed to sit here and look pretty...

  3. Oh, yes; purpose.

    I'm an English teacher, you guys; I'm ALL ABOUT locating purpose. I'll leave the expounding for a post on my own site (I'll go write it now - thanks for the inspiration, Kizz!) but suffice to say that my purpose - my big picture purpose - is to leave the world a little bit better than it was when I got here. My small-picture purpose for today is to get some essays graded and out of the way. Oh, and to score some chocolate....

  4. purpose. purpose. i just fed the cat. she says that's enough for today......