Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NWW: Calligraphic

"Give me the Liberty to know, to utter and to argue freely according to my conscience, above all other liberties."
 - Milton

A stone, I believe, from the Chicago Tribune building.


  1. I've been thinking about this a lot...especially since reading the comments section at the Colony.
    Yes, of course, freedom of speech. Of course. Argue freely. Do, please.
    It's that freely uttering that seems to get people in trouble.
    The lines are getting (or have always been) fuzzy...the things we can and can not say.
    You cannot call someone ugly names based on the color of their skin or whom they choose to lie with, but you can call them ugly names for what they think and believe? I think that there is too much mudslinging falling under the auspices of "I can say what I want."
    I think a word is just a word and is not offensive, until it is used to offend, until the sayer assigns a meaning to it. Then I get to say, "No. No, you don't get to say that. That is not who we are."
    Which is why you can describe a photograph of a naked woman in any way you wish, but you hold your tongue at the bagel store.

    **ChromePlatedGirl buys detergent in bulk so that she may use the boxes to make speeches like these.