Sunday, November 15, 2009

Regrets, I Have Actually Had A Few

Staked Out

I regret this week's G-spot post.

Funny, I've written things that were leagues more graphic and things that were - to the untrained eye - much more personal but this one did me in. It's probably largely my own interpretation but I feel like a lot of the comments were condescending and I know I should have seen that coming. Most of the readers over there only read me over there. (Hi, all of you who came here from the Colony. Thanks for learning more about me.) My subject matter at The Womens' Colony is relatively...let's call it focused, so anyone who does read me just there is only going to know me in a certain light. Thanks to the cunt brouhaha and the intense and fabulous polls I know what that light is so it's my own fault for not putting two and two together and writing something else for Friday's slot. I'd written the Conversation before the cunt controversy and I made some minor adjustments to have it back on the roster after the banning of the dreaded and dangerous c word and then we were closed for renovations and I was so glad for a blissful break from people telling me I am what's wrong with America, the internet and women in general that I just kept this piece in the queue, grateful for my break to be extended that much longer. Due to a technical glitch I even had to re-enter the piece into the system and re-create the content warning for it so the universe gave me a chance to save myself and I did not heed it.

Sometimes I'm just not too bright.

Well, I've already got 2 pieces in the queue for the coming weeks and they're guaranteed to have people back to pissing in my Cheerios*. It sucks but I like it a lot better than when the spitters think their urine is turning me over to their version of the light side. Miles better than that. 'Cause even with my Darth Vader helmet I am who I am and she's OK. Apparently fully incapable of protecting herself in an internetual capacity but OK nonetheless.


*Another big thanks to those of you who read over there and do not condescend nor do you despoil my breakfast. I know that the haters are a minority, they're just a vocal minority so when my inner iPod isn't turned up loud enough they're all I can hear. There's simply no nice way to explain to someone (especially a vehemently married one) that getting myself married off will not make me a better person. (Go on, ask me how I know, you won't like the answers.)


  1. I have to tell all honesty? i'm about finished over there. I have more hate in my heart for those "women" each and every day. I love you. I love your words. I hate what they do with them.

    I am thankful for living in a place where we have the freedom to think and write and comment what we will.

    I am thankful that I am not most of those women.

    I am thankful for that little arrow button right up there in the corner.

    gross people.

    by the by... i loved the piece. I hate that you had to edit. but i loved it. and you.

  2. I love you, too, and I, like Zelda, am more than a little disappointed by the commentors over there.

    And another thing - a RATING?! Is it NOT the BEDROOM?! Is that not the POINT of that particular forum? Gah! That someone is going to get all upset over some frank discussions with some contextually appropriate language makes me crazy - if you don't want to talk (or think, or read) about sex, stay out of the fucking bedroom, already!

    Okay, sorry - got a little carried away...

  3. I'm with Zelda and Mrs. C. on this one. I had no idea there were so many "delicate flowers" who claim they are "far from being a prude" yet get their granny panties in a bunch over a little honest, mature discussion. Sheesh people! They act like every time you used appropriately graphic language you were stabbing them in the heart.

    I'm glad you're still writing over there but I wish it were a better environment. The warning system you have to do is ridiculous. It's the fucking BEDROOM people! Why can't you be smart enough to move along if you don't want to have frank and open-minded discussions about items of a sexual nature?

    Phew. Sorry, I just had to get that out. Just know that you definitely have fans out here.

  4. Miflohny11:23 PM

    Yes, having to put ratings is silly ...

    But as to the content of your post and the comments - I didn't see a problem with either. I read your posts over in the bedroom occasionally, but not regularly, so apparently I've missed some horrid comments, but I just read all of the comments on your current post and everyone seemed respectful to me. I read the comments on Sunday night, though - were some of the comments deleted? Everyone seemed to be speaking honestly about their experiences in the hope that they might help you, or that they might be something that another reader would connect with. A lot of the commenters are married, but it didn't seem like they were recommending marriage as a solution - just that they were talking about their own experiences. Obviously, any response you had is valid; you're probably seeing something I missed. I'd hate to think someone hurt your feelings - the post was great. I wish I had some good advise to offer ... I think you're great - If I were a hot, sexy guy I'd snatch you up :-)

  5. Add me to TEAM KIZZ. Maybe we should make shirts.

    Funny thing about the's um, voluntary. If someone doesn't like what you have to say, then they don't have to read what you say next.

  6. Heh..."snatch" you up....heh heh heh.

  7. ^5, Zelda!

    Kizz, I have loved everything you've written over at the colony - I wish I had a fabulous comment for every post to help offset the haters but sometimes all I feel is a 'you rock, right on, sister.' I probably should. At any rate, reading you there caused me to wander over here and I'm enjoying getting to know you. :)

    And, um..."Friday's slot." *snigger snigger snigger*

  8. I wonder how "offensive" you could get with no "language" or "graphic imagery." Like, if you could make their hair raise with metaphor?

    It's just a flower, Georgia.

  9. Mmm. Wow. I haven't thought any of your posts were over the top or offensive. I am surprised anyone would. I think they're wonderful.

    I'm sad about the Colony sometimes - there are indeed some people there who take offense, but there are also some posters who are deliberately provocative, and I don't like that.

    A lively discussion is fine - deliberately trying to provoke one is not.

  10. g--I love reading your comments, here and at The Colony...where's your blog, if I may?

  11. Doh! I found it. I had clicked on your picture three times and opened three secret windows.
    I'm reading you in triplicate!

  12. Violet, don't feel any pressure to comment anywhere ever. Really. I have a lot of trouble coming up with something worthy to comment on a lot of things so I definitely know where you're coming from in terms of not feeling ready to chime in all the time.

    About the warning, y'all, I feel like I should make it clear that I decided to do that myself. There's a chance someone would have asked me to do it anyway but in the polls readers had requested it (along with requesting that each writer's name be next to the post title so they could be "warned" about who's writing) and the words of a couple of people convinced me. I could do a blanket warning that's at the top of every post and I might switch to that later but I'm going to play with this for a while and see where it goes

    All that being said, I don't disagree that the nature of the content should be clear to people by now. Who knows how things will evolve?

    Also? "Snatch me up." Heh.